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Article Number - C1DDBC14576

Vol.4(3), pp. 42-47 , April 2012

DOI: 10.5897/JVMAH12.011   Total Views: 162

ISSN: 2141-2529   Downloaded: 126

Full Length Research Paper

Prevalence and financial loss estimation of hydatidosis of cattle slaughtered at Addis Ababa abattoirs enterprise

 Dechassa Terefe      Kibrusfaw Kebede      Desta Beyene      Anteneh Wondimu   

Accepted: 23 March 2012      Published: 30 April 2012

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The study was undertaken from November, 2009 to April, 2010, at Addis Ababa Abattoir Enterprise with the aim of determining the prevalence of bovine hydatidosis and to have realistic estimate of the financial loss attributed to organ condemnation as a result of hydatidosis disease. Of the 484 examined animals, 196 (40.5%) harbored hydatid cysts. Observation during the survey period also revealed that the infection rate among different age groups of examined animals were found to be statistically significant (p<0.05) with the highest in old aged cattle (56%) followed by adult (37.11%) and young (9.3%). There was no statistically significant difference between infection rate and breeds, sex and body condition score of the animals. Of the total 474 recovered cysts from condemned organs, 197(41.56%), 127(26.79%), 37(7.8%) and 113(23.84%) were small, medium, large, and calcified, respectively. Of the total 474 cysts, 79(16.66%) fertile, 282(59.5%) sterile and 113(23.74%) were calcified cyst. Calcification was found higher in the liver than the lungs, while most of fertile cysts were recovered from the lungs. The financial loss from organ condemnation due to bovine hydatidosis at Addis Ababa Abattoir Enterprise was estimated to be 19,847,704.5 (ETB). It can be stated that hydatidosis is one of the most economically important cattle disease in the area warranting for serious attention.


Key words: Abattoir, Addis Ababa, cattle, cyst, financial loss, hydatidosis, prevalence.

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