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Article Number - CF81F1C3607

Vol.4(2), pp. 74-82 , April 2011

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Thermal analysis of evacuated solar tube collectors

Siddharth Arora1Shobhit Chitkara1, R. Udayakumar1* and Muhammad Ali2


1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bits Pilani Dubai.

2ADC Energy Systems. Dubai.


Accepted: 02 March 2011      Published: 30 April 2011

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Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License



A detailed design of the evacuated tube collectors is enumerated followed by the thermal network analysis of this collector. The temperature of each component is determined empirically. Numerical analysis is applied to find the coefficient of heat transfer across the air gap from absorber plate to the copper tubes. The performance characteristics of these collectors are analyzed and compared with commercially available brands to test their capability to power the generator of an absorption chiller. The generator of a typical 1 KW capacity refrigeration system is designed based on the hot water made available from outlet of evacuated tube collectors.


Key words: Evacuated tubes, heat transfer applications and absorption chiller.

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