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Article Number - 7CDD82324848

Vol.4(35), pp. 2545-2550 , September 2013

DOI: 10.5897/JMPR2013.5114   Total Views: 274

ISSN: 1996-0875   Downloaded: 154

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The effects of alcoholic extract of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna Wight & Arn.) bark on stability of clarified butterfat

Parmar Pankaj, Kaushik Khamrui*, H. C. Devaraja and R. R. B. Singh

Dairy Technology Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal - 132001, Haryana, India.


Accepted: 26 August 2013      Published: 17 September 2013

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Potential of ethanolic extract of Terminalia arjuna Wight & Arn bark to enhanced the shelf life and anti-oxidant ability of clarified butterfat (ghee) was evaluated using accelerated oxidation tests. Seven percent by weight of ethanolic extract of T. arjuna Wight & Arn bark was effective in retarding the auto-oxidation of both cow and buffalo ghee during storage. It had significant (P<0.05) ability to enhance the antioxidant potential of ghee in terms of its radical scavenging activity. It also improved phytosterol, content in ghee. Shelf life of the Arjuna ghee samples was 8 days at 80±1°C as compared 2 days in the control. Findings suggested that ethanolic extract of T. arjuna Wight & Arn could be used as a natural antioxidant and enhancing the phytosterol content in ghee. Freshly prepared cow milk Arjuna ghee possesses good potential to act as free radical scavenger and thus could help in prevention of many free radical related disorders.


Key words: Arjuna, ghee, antioxidant and radical scavenging activity, phytosterol content, oxidative stability.

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