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Article Number - 34CAF7D15217

Vol.4(3), pp. 235-239 , February 2010

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Traditional knowledge on medicinal plants used for the treatment of livestock diseases in Sardikhola VDC, Kaski, Nepal

Kamal Prasad Acharya1* and Mohan Acharya2

1P. O. Box 15142 KPC 676, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2IAAS Rampur, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.


Accepted: 19 November 2009      Published: 04 February 2010

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Author(s) agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the

Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License


People in different parts of the world depend on plants and plant parts to fulfill their daily needs and have developed unique knowledge of their utilization. There have been very few studies on the ethnobotanical studies of the plants that are used for the treatment of livestock diseases in Nepal. This study aims to document information about ethnobotanical information of plants used for the treatment of livestock diseases in Sardikhola VDC of Kaski district. Information on the use of plants were collected in April-May 2009 by interviewing key informants using a semi-structured open-ended questionnaire. Altogether 18 plant species belonging to 17 families were recorded as being used for treatment of different livestock diseases. This traditional knowledge is declining as the younger generation shows less interest in using plants. Further research in this field is necessary as this finding may help to counter the needs of people during a scarcity.   


Key words: Ethnobotany, Nepal, veterinary, Sardikhola VDC.

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