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Article Number - 0D7897A25812

Journal of Medicinal Plants Research
Vol.5(4) , pp. 495-506 , February 2011

ISSN 1996-0875
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Extraction of bioactive chemical compounds from the medicinal Asian plants by microwave irradiation

Jila Asghari1*, Bernd Ondruschka2 and Mohsen Mazaheritehrani1

1Science Faculty, Golestan University, Iran.

2Institute of Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany.

Accepted: 02 April 2010     Published: 18 February 2011


The microwave- assisted extraction (MAE) system is an efficient technique under the optimal condition in the extraction of bioactive chemical compounds E- and Z- guggolsterone, cinnamaldehyde and tannin from the plants has been investigated. The results show that, this method provides a fast and easy procedure for the extraction compared to the conventional extraction techniques.


Key words: Microwave- assisted extraction, plant, E- and Z- guggulsterone, tannin, cinnamaldehyde

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