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Article Number - 6D3BD9E14331

Vol.3(1), pp. 15-19 , January 2011

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Full Length Research Paper

Impact of family type on involvement of adolescents in pre-marital sex


Adejumo Gbadebo Olubunmi




Department of Psychology, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.


Accepted: 03 November 2010      Published: 31 January 2011

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This study examined the impact of home type on involvement of in-school adolescents in premarital sex in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. This study adopted a survey research design. Three hundred and sixty-eight students from four secondary schools were randomly selected, 128 (47.8%) were males and 148 (53%) were females. Their ages range from 16 to 19 years with the mean of 18.24 years. Only 186 (69%) have had sexual intercourse and 94 of them had only one sex partner while 92 had more than one sex partner. Two research instruments were developed for this study-attitude towards pre marital sex scale (ATPSS) and parent involvement questionnaire (PIQ). The findings revealed a significant effect of home type in prediction of adolescents’ involvement in premarital sex at r=0.569, r2 =0.347, f (1,218) = 56.47 and <0.05 significant level. There was a significant difference in involvement in premarital sex between adolescents from single parent and intact homes at X2-observed=22.46, 1 degree of freedom and p<0.05. It was concluded that parental involvement is paramount in adolescents’ premarital sexual behavior. It was recommended that government, religious bodies and individuals should uphold the sacred institution of marriage for wellbeing of our children.


Key words: Premarital sex, adolescents, parental involvement.

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