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Annihilation of the Oromo people indigenous practice under Gojjame/ Amhara rule: the case of Abbay Choman Oromo, South of Abay River, Ethiopia (1870s- 1882)

This paper deals with the destruction of Oromo indigenous practices under Gojjame rule: the case of Abbay Choman Oromo, in the south of Abay River 1870s-1882. The year 1870’s was a turning point in the history of the Oromo of Abbay Choman in particular and Horro Guduru in general because it was a period when Gadaa system with indigenous practice was begun to destructed. The year 1882 was the period when Horro Guduru in...

Author(s):Gemechu Kenea

Article in Press

Students’ Discipline Problems in EFL Classes: Primary Schools of Dembi Dollo and Nekemte Towns of Oromia Region in Ethiopia

In many cultures in the world, discipline is a very important quality of students in schools. Thus, the prime objective of this study was to explore major factors contributing to students’ discipline problems in some primary schools of Dambi Dollo and Nekemte Towns in Ethiopia. To achieve the objective, basic research questions were developed, related literatures were reviewed and different methodologies were designed to...

Author(s):Aliye Geleta

Article in Press

The Practicality of Alternative Assessment: From Ethiopian Higher Education Amharic Language Instructors’ Viewpoints

The aim of this study was to examine the practicality of Alternative Assessment in Ethiopian higher education Amharic Language context. The study also endeavor to seek the barriers that hinder the implementation of Alternative Assessment. In order to achieve the goals of the present study, the researcher used Assessment preference questionnaire and in-depth interview instruments. The data collected from 35 Amharic Language...

Author(s):Hailay Tesfay

Article in Press


According to existing literature on verbal morphology of agglutinating languages, there are morphological behaviors characterized by creation of new verb stems from existing roots by affixation of derivative morphemes to the roots. The affixes are referred to as verbal extensions. Verbal extensions have syntactic characteristics realized in verbal matrices of verbs they get attached to. This paper discusses the syntactic...


Article in Press

Review of the book: The waiting poetry anthology

During the years 2012 to 2017, many volumes of poetry and anthologies were published; however, the study briefly introduce here just two of those volumes: Rosie Garland's Everybody Must Go and Helen Dunmore's Inside the Wave, and one book of criticism, Cancer and Poetry, by Iain Twiddy which discusses some of the significant theoretical problems related to cancer and its expression in the poetry genre. Twiddy's book...

Author(s):Faisal, A. Hayder Al-Doori

Article in Press


Kiong is a Delta-Cross language spoken in Odukpani and Akamkpa LGAs in Cross River State by the Okoyong people. Variants of the language names are Kurop, Korop ,Korup, Akayom, Okonyong and Dorup. The Okoyong claim a Bantu origin, from the South Central Africa. Migration is said to have brought them to Cameroon, where they lived for decades before their final settlement in Nigeria. A remnant of Kiong-speaking people still...

Author(s): Margaret Mary P. Okon

Article in Press

Projection in Indonesian newspaper story texts

Projection is the representation of a linguistic expereience in another linguistic experience. This study addresses projection of news sources in Indonesian newspaper story text (INST) based on systemic functional linguistic (SFL) theory. The objectives are to describe the kinds or categories of projection, to derive the dominant kind of projection and to investigate reasons for the use of projections in INSTs. The sources...

Author(s):Amrin Saragih

Article in Press

The integration of cultural elements and development of intercultural competence in English language teaching

The study investigated Mainland Chinese English teachers' perceptions of culture and intercultural competence, culture teaching and the development of intercultural competence in their English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes. Drawing on a mixed-method multiple case study research design, this study focused on six Chinese EFL teachers in a key senior high school in Mainland China. The findings of the study revealed that...


Article in Press


This research dealt with hora (salty mineral water) and its ritualistic aspect among the Maccaa Oromo. It aims at exploring the hora (salty mineral water) and its ritualistic contents in social and natural environments of the Maccaa Oromo. The study areas were purposively selected based on its historical background and valuable information related with hora obaasuu and its ritual and there are some hora sites in West Shoa...

Author(s):Milkessa Edae milkii

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