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There is a growing awareness on the importance of indigenous technical knowledge and the necessity of its integration into modern knowledge in order to address problems related to natural resource conservation. However, there is a lack of study that demonstrated clearly how the two types of knowledge systems could be successfully integrated together. This paper presents such a framework that has been developed through a...


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Emerging issues associated with conservation of the African baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) in the semi-arid zones of Tanzania

The African baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) is an important source of income food, and nutritional supply for local communities especially during the times of food shortage. The species has been identified as one of the key stone plants in shaping savannah habitat and tropical landscape. It is the most important edible savannah trees (by elephants, man, monkey, and baboons), and this necessitates a close conservation of the...

Author(s):Upendo L. Msalilwa, Linus K. Munishi, Edna E. Makule, Patrick A. Ndakidemi

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The Structure and Natural regeneration of woody Species at Central Highlands of Ethiopia

Natural regeneration is a fundamental component of forest ecosystem dynamics and is essential for conservation and maintenance of biodiversity, whereas, population structure plays a significant role in determining the dominant status of tree species and development within the forest stand. The management of regeneration plays a vital role in sustainable forest practice by ensuring the future growing stock and serving as an...

Author(s):Mammo Siraj , Zhang Kebin

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Insights in to the short and long term responses generated by the changes in internal parameters of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colony are helpful in its management for honey production and pollination of crops

Management of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colony for honey production and pollination of crops requires many kinds of manipulations of its internal parameters. How the colony responds to such manipulations on short (within four-five days post treatment) and long (after 21 days post treatment) term and whether or not once generated short term response sustains for long term are not fully understood. We made manipulations...

Author(s):Ram Chander Sihag and Gurminder Kaur

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Prospects And Challenges in Village Land Forest Reserves Management in Tanzania: A Case of Selected VLFRS in Mbarali District

This study aimed at investigating challenges and prospects in the management of Village Land Forest Reserves (VLFRs) in Mabadaga, Mbuyuni and Itamboleo villages, administratively in Mbarali district, southern Tanzania. Data were collected through questionnaire surveys, in-depth key informant interviews, physical field visits and documentary reviews. A total of 44 subjects were involved in the study. SPSS, Microsoft Excel...

Author(s):Anton C. Nzali and Abiud Kaswamila

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Gas flaring effects on spatial dynamism of soil cover through remotely sensed images: Case of study Ibeno Local Government, Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria

Soil cover refers to vegetation, including crops, and crop residues on the surface of the soil. Gas flaring is a common practice associated with oil and gas industry in Nigeria and has a cumulative effect on the greenness of vegetation. This study analyzes remotely sensed, imagery to reveal the effects of gas flaring over time on soil cover in Ibeno Local Government Akwa-Ibom State. A 4-date serial Landsat satellite were...

Author(s):Imette E. Akpan

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Litterfall, litter standing crops and nutrient dynamics as influenced by selective logging in tropical rainforest of Ebom, Southwest Cameroon

Litterfall, litter standing crops, nutrient dynamics and their turnover were studied in Ebom tropical rainforest of Cameroon six years after selective logging practices. Two sample sites, one in the logging part of the forest (disturbed site) and the other in the part of forest not affected by selective logging (undisturbed site) were used for the study. After two years of field experiment, the mean annual of litterfall...

Author(s):Adamou IBRAHIMA

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Wetland ecosystems in Ethiopia and their implications in ecotourism and biodiversity conservation

Wetlands are ecosystems in which water covers the land. They provide economical, ecological, societal and recreational benefits to humans. Although complete documentation is lacking, wetlands make a significant part of Ethiopia covering an area of 13,700 km2. Wetlands with a great potential for ecotourism development in the country include the rift valley lakes, the floodplains in Gambella, the Awash River Gorge with...

Author(s):Israel Petros Menbere

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Realising the net Impacts of International trade on carbon dioxide emissions for the sustainability of the environment in African countries

The purpose of this study is to critically assess the relationship between international trade and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to identify the key driving forces in Africa at different income levels. In examining the causal effects of net trade on CO2 emission loads from 1960 to 2012 with a number of other anthropogenic driving forces, we employed a panel dataset, an augmented STIRPATN models and techniques of...

Author(s):Abdulrasaki Saka

Article in Press

Population status, feeding ecology and activity pattern of common bushbuck (Tragelaphus Scriptus decula) in Sekele Mariam Forest, West Gojjam, Ethiopia

A study on the population status, feeding ecology and activity pattern of common bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus decula) was carried out in the Sekele Mariam Forest from December 2016 to August 2017 including wet and dry seasons. Data were collected using total count and direct observation method. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and compared with Chi-square test and one way ANOVA. Average number...

Author(s):Mesele Yihune

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