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  • DOI: 10.5897/SJIS
  • Start Year: 2006

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December 2015

Assessment of teacher librarian job satisfaction in the Federal Capital Territory FCT Abuja

This study assessed job satisfaction of teacher librarians in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The entire population of 164 teacher librarians from all secondary schools within the FCT was used. One objective and a hypothesis were formulated to guide this study. They were analysed using percentages represented on tables and graphically illustrations. Survey method was adopted in carrying out the study. Responses on...

Author(s): Sa’adatu L. Sanusi, I. I. Ekoja, and B.S. Aduku  

  • Article Number: 94431A456600

December 2015

Information seeking-pattern of Nigerian textile market women and strategies for improvement

The study investigated the information seeking-pattern of Nigerian textile market women and strategies for improvement of which the study was an ex-post-facto type and adopted survey research design. Disproportional stratified random technique was used to select markets for the study while questionnaire was used to collect data to elicit information from 1556 respondents and data were analyzed with the aid of frequency...

Author(s): ADEKANYE, Elizabeth A., ARAMIDE, Kolawole A. and ADEWUYI, Olugbenga Wale

  • Article Number: 7B94FD656601

December 2015

Adaptive technologies for library and information services for physically challenged in special education schools of Kaduna State

This study is an assessment of the use of adaptive technologies in library and information services for physically challenged in special education schools of Kaduna state. The researcher used survey research design for the study; the population for the study comprises library staff and students (physically challenged) of Kaduna state special education school (KASSES), Demonstration school for deaf children Kawo - Kaduna...

Author(s): Patrick Ishaya and Baba S Aduku

  • Article Number: 4C3065756602

December 2015

An assessment of policies and services provision to the physically challenged users of academic libraries in Zaria and Kaduna Metropolis

This study was on policies and services provision to the physically challenged users of academic libraries in Zaria and Kaduna metropolis. The study consists of two research questions. The study adopted case study methodology to assess the opinion of five heads of academic libraries under study which constituted the research population. However, the research questions were subjected to descriptive analysis involving...

Author(s): Ajibola Ruth Bosede, I. I. Ekoja and Abu Yusufu

  • Article Number: A4441F356603

December 2015

Information generation, access and utilization by rural dwellers for sustainable community development in Kwara State, Nigeria

The study was conducted to determine how rural dwellers information access and utilization has affected rural community development in Kwara State. In order to achieve the two objectives three null hypotheses formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The objectives were to: find out the types of information genereated and disseminated for the rural dwellers in Kwara State, and find out the extent to which the...

Author(s): Said, Toyin Akeem and Sami’la Baba Mohammed

  • Article Number: C09B4F056604

December 2015

The use of management Information System in National Board for Technical Education, Kaduna

This study investigated the barriers to the Use of Management Information System in National Board for Technical Education Kaduna. The study adopted the survey method of research and the instruments used for data collection were the questionnaire and unstructured interview. The target population of the study comprised of all the Management staff of the NBTE. Purposive sampling procedure was used to arrive at a total of...

Author(s): Egwuibe, Martina Okwuchi

  • Article Number: 1BDEF3156605

December 2015

Preservation management in university libraries in Southern Nigeria

Information resources in university libraries are susceptible to degradation, deterioration and destruction due to factors such as unfavourable temperature and relative humidity, activities of biological agents, theft and mutilation, mishandling and disasters. Forestalling the situation therefore calls for effective preservation management. University libraries particularly those in tropical zone are faced with acute...

Author(s): Oluwole Ejiwoye Rasaki and Abiola Abioye

  • Article Number: EA78ECE56606

June 2006

The librarian in the knowledge age: The Nigerian perspective

The paper discusses the role of the librarian in the knowledge age from the perspective of the Role Theory. A role is the expected behaviour associated with a particular status. The Librarian performs his role in relation to the activities of other members of the organization called his role-set. Members of this role-set were identified and their expectations of the Librarian highlighted. The paper advocated for the...


  • Article Number: 4A6194056607

June 2006

Factors affecting the levels of job satisfaction of female librarians in Nigeria: A test of Herzberg’s Hygiene/Motivator factors

This study was designed to investigate the levels of job satisfaction of female librarians in Nigeria using Herzberg’s Hygiene/Motivator factors of job satisfaction. Its aim was to provide an empirical test of the applicability of Herzberg’s Hygiene/Motivator factors of job satisfaction on female librarians in Nigeria. A total of 228 randomly selected female librarians from 35 libraries drawn from the six...

Author(s): GHAJI BADAWI,

  • Article Number: 75F06CE56608

June 2006

Dublin Core and electronic information retrieval

The explosion of information on the Internet has resulted to the inability of professional abstractors, indexers and catalogers to manage effectively the digital resources using the formal bibliographic apparatus. Hence search for a reasonable alternative way to obtain usable metadata for electronic resources, so as to give authors and information providers a means to describe the resources to facilitate their...

Author(s): Ezra Shiloba Gbaje

  • Article Number: 2B401BF56609

June 2006

The choice and effect of mode of transportation in the flow of agricultural food stuff in rural urban flow: A case study of Zaria area

The study determined the choice and effect of modes of transportation in rural-urban flow of Agricultural food products to Zaria urban center. The primary data were obtained for the investigation using a structured sets of questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis were used for the investigation. The results showed that cereal crops constitute the main grains in the area for sale. The specialization...


  • Article Number: D025C4456610

June 2006

The importance of school library in girl-child education with special reference to Northern Nigeria

This paper highlights some problems affecting the education of the girl child in northern Nigeria. It emphasizes the role of the library and government in developing the girl child. It also highlights areas where the library can support the girl – child education and how it can enhance reading habit among children by providing relevant information. It ends with recommendations that will help make school libraries...


  • Article Number: 5F48D6D56611

June 2006

African languages and scientific terminologies: The Hausa example

This paper presents a picture of how scientific and technological words can be created in Hausa through compounding and derivational processes. In compounding process, two words or bound morphemes of two different languages, Hausa on one hand, and English and Arabic, on the other hand are combined to generate new words to refer to scientific or technological concepts. As for derivational, Hausa bound morphemes such as...

Author(s): Munir Mamman

  • Article Number: 5F6217E56612

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