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October 2016

A review of radiation protection in North Eastern Nigeria: Does paediatric radiography get the required attention?

Background: Research in paediatric radiography in Nigeria, particularly as it relates to paediatric radiation protection has been a neglected area. This is further complicated by the fact that paediatric patients do not have a voice of their own. Objective of Study: To assess the status of radiation proctection among paedatrics. Methods: An extensive search of the literature was conducted on Google, Google...

Author(s): Nkubli BF, Moi SA, Nwobi IC, Nzotta CC

  • Article Number: 02D1F6155297

October 2016

Audit of personnel radiation protection practices in medical radiography in North Eastern Nigeria

OBJECTIVE: To assess the standard of personnel radiation monitoring practice in North Eastern Nigeria and determine the role played by the hospital management in assisting radiation workers to conform to standards. METHOD: The study was a cross-sectional survey. Medical Radiation workers in tertiary hospitals in North Eastern Nigeria completed a questionnaire purposely designed to assess personnel radiation...

Author(s): Nwobi I.C., Obotiba A.D., Moi A.S., Abubakar M.G, Luntsi G., Nkubli F.B., Abubakar A., Njiti M. and Malgwi F.D,

  • Article Number: 7EB4A9955299

October 2016

Research awareness among radiographers in clinical practice

BACKGROUND: Research is a critical component in radiography profession. It ranges from high level scientific investigation of new and updated concepts into every day utilization of evidence based findings and to fill in the gap between theory and practice. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to ascertain awareness of practicing radiographers about the role and importance of research in evidence based medical...

Author(s): Joseph D Z, Onah C.N, Samuel S. L

  • Article Number: C438F1D55302

October 2016

The need to establish national dose reference levels for radiological examinations in Nigeria: Radiographer's role

INTRODUCTION: The imperativeness of establishing National Diagnostic Reference Levels (NDRLs) is important in Nigeria because it forms a comprehensive, concise and a powerful tool for optimizing radiation protection of patients. National diagnostic reference levels can be established by collaboration with radiographers across the country, the regulators, and professional bodies involved. The first step begins when each...

Author(s): Joseph D. Z and Nzotta C.C

  • Article Number: 0868A5C55305

October 2016

Workplace violence among radiographers in Lagos, Nigeria

AIM: Workplace Violence (WPV) is currently a global phenomenon that is spreading fast and eating into the fabric of the entire society. Health workers are particularly at a high risk because of the nature of their work. This paper is aimed at assessing how Radiographers practicing in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria are affected by WPV. METHODS: Workplace violence related questionnaires were administered to 120...

Author(s): Ikamaise, V.C., Archibong, B.E., Okpaleke, M.S., Paulinus, S.O.

  • Article Number: 98D8A7755307

October 2016

Pelvic typologies in North Central Nigeria

PURPOSE: To characterize and compare the pelvic typologies in Jos, North Central Nigeria with the reported types in North East Nigeria. METHOD: A total of 588 female pelvic radiographs were retrieved from the archives of the Department of Radiology, Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) and Plateau Specialist Hospital (PSH). The anteroposterior, the transverse and the oblique diameters of the pelvic inlet were...

Author(s): Ikamaise, VC, Esien-Umo, E., Akpaniwo, MG., Umoh, IU.

  • Article Number: 7F6FA5755315

October 2016

Hysterosalpingography findings in women with infertility

BACKGROUND: Hysterosalpingography (HSG) is a specialized radiological investigation that employs the use of contrast agent to outline the uterus and fallopian tubes, it is an important tool in the evaluation of infertility which is a major clinico-social issue among women in Nigeria. OBJECTIVE: To determine the pattern of HSG findings among women with clinical diagnosis of infertility in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa...

Author(s): Aliyu Y, Hamza M A, Lamaran D, Joseph D Z and Prince O

  • Article Number: ABF7A9755318

October 2015

Analysis of Artefacts from Computed Tomography of the Head at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi

Background: Artefacts are commonly encountered in clinical Computed Tomography (CT), and may degrade the quality of the image and obscure or simulate pathology leading to mis-diagnoses. Objective: To identify the type and frequency of artifacts in Computed Tomography examinations performed at Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital. Methodology: A retrospective study carried out in February and March...

Author(s): Adejoh T, Onwudiliora OE, Ukaji NF, Nzotta CC, Nwefuru OS, Aniagolu CA, Ogbonna KJ, Onuegbu CN

  • Article Number: 5D1D10055308

October 2015

Assessment of the Compliance of Professional Ethics Among Radiographers in North Eastern Nigeria

Background: Ethics is concerned with justice, rights; respect background is not deficit of human dignity, autonomy of the individual and respect of the community. Medical ethics is a set of moral values and principles of conduct for professionals working with patients. Objective: To determine the compliance to professional ethics among radiographers in North Eastern Nigeria. Methods: A prospective...

Author(s): Luntsi G, Nwobi I.C, Okpaleke MS, Mohammed A, Nkubli FB, Abubakar GM, Moi AS, Njiti MM

  • Article Number: FAA11E455309

October 2015

An Evaluation of The Radiation Safety Culture Among Radiation Health Professionals in Kano Metropolis

Background: The use of ionizing radiation in medical imaging contributes the largest amount of man-made exposure to the public and there is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Aim: To assess the radiation safety culture in the practice of radiation health workers in Kano Metropolis. Methods: Ninety-two structured questionnaires were administered to the consented radiation health professionals in Kano metropolis....

Author(s): Sidi M, Mansur U, Ugwu AC, Nwobi C, Dare A.

  • Article Number: 4AA3E4E55320

October 2015

Film Reject Analysis in Radiology Department of a Teaching Hospital In North-Eastern Nigeria

Background: Film Reject Analysis (FRA) is a key quality control tool in conventional medical imaging departments and it provides a valuable tool in assessing patient dose. Objectives: To determine the film reject rate, reasons for the reject and the radiographic examination involved in film reject Methodology: A prospective cross-sectional study was employed where 733 rejected radiographs was used. These were...

Author(s): Joseph DZ, Mohammed S, Samuel S, Abubakar M, Goni M, Itopa R

  • Article Number: 08F61FE55321

October 2015

Pattern of Radiographic Findings in Trauma of The Upper Extremities at Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, Nigeria

Background: Trauma is defined as a physical wound or injury such as a fracture or blow. It is a major public concern throughout the world and probably the most serious of all health problems. Plain radiography is used as an imaging modality to assess fractures and dislocations in patients presenting with trauma to the upper extremities. Other imaging modalities such as Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound and Magnetic...

Author(s): Nwobi IC, Kurama MB, Flavious NB, Abubakar A, Shettima AB, Hassan JM, Luntsi G, Malgwi FA , Izge I. Y

  • Article Number: 2A6713155322

October 2015

Evaluation of Computed Tomography Scan Findings of The Head Among Children with Head Injuries in A Tertiary Health Institution in North Eastern Nigeria

Background: Computed Tomography scan of the head has become the imaging modality of choice to identify intracranial injuries due to its sensitivity for demonstrating pathologies from the soft tissue (brain) to the skull (cranium). Objectives: To evaluate the pattern of Computed Tomography (CT) scan findings of head among children with traumatic and non-traumatic injuries and their age and sex...

Author(s): Luntsi G, Onyia CE, Muhamed SA, Nwobi IC, Aminu UU, Abubakar GM Abba M.

  • Article Number: 458D1AF55323

October 2015

Awareness and Practice of Breast Cancer Screening Methods Among Female Students of University of Maidugiri

Background: Global statistics show breast cancer prevalence is rising at a faster rate in populations of developing countries. This study intends to evaluate the awareness of breast cancer, risk factors, screening methods and practice of the screening methods among female university students. Methods: A descriptive survey design was adopted. Data was collected via, a 13-item, structured, questionnaire, containing...

Author(s): Nkubli BF, Auwal A, Obi CM, Nwobi CI, Muhammed MN, Geofery L, Alhamdu SM, Abubakar M.

  • Article Number: 178BE0655324

November 2014

Archival quality of radiographs in a university teaching hospital

Objective: To assess the degree of deterioration of archived radiographs. Methodology: Every stored X-Ray wallet in the department was retrieved and the radiographs assessed for any change in appearance using a viewing box. The faults identified were tabulated. Simple statistical tools were used to calculate central tendencies. Result: One thousand and forty three radiographs were archived from 2002 to 201 1...

Author(s): Adejoh Thomas and &#;Obatu S.N. Mitchelle

  • Article Number: A2D31B055533

November 2014

Factors affecting the development of practical skills among clinical radiography students in Nigeria: a tale of two universities

Objective: To identify the factors that affect the development of practical skills among clinical radiography students and to obtain information on how the practical skills development can be improved. Methodology: The   study   was   a   prospective cross­sectional survey. It covered the clinical (400   and 500 Level) radiography students of University of...

Author(s): &#;Ugwu Anthony Chukwuka, &#;Erondu Okechukwu Felix, &#;Ogbodo Sampson Idigo Felicita Ugochinyere, Okpaleke Michael Sunday, &#;Chiegwu H.U.

  • Article Number: B408F1055536

November 2014

Clinicians' perceived competence and self reported confidence in ultrasound skills among practicing radiographers in Nigeria

AIM: To investigate clinicians' perception of Radiographers' competence in ultrasound practice and the self-reported confidence in ultrasound practice among radiographers. METHOD: Using a 5-Point Scale, Seventy-Six out of one hundred clinicians from different specialties responded to a questionnaire designed to assess clinicians' perception of Radiographer ultrasound skills. From 75 Radiographers, 54...

Author(s): Ugwu AC, Umeh EC, Dimkpagu NR, Idigo FU, Chiegwu HU

  • Article Number: 1CDE50D55544

November 2013

Toxicity of Fresh Radiographic Developer on Tadpole of Rana subsigillata Species

Toxicity of fresh radiographic developer on tadpole of Rana subsigillata species collected from ch·ains in Calabar was examined. Tue eggs of these amphibians were collected and hatched in the laborato1y within 48 hours with about 99% tadpole smvival. TI1ey were acclimated in about 400ml of tap water for 24 hours. A total of forty (40), 3 day old tad­ poles were used. Range finding te!. was conducted at...

Author(s): N.O. Cliiagliana N.O. Egbe&#;, C.C. Nzotta&#;, D.S. Aina  and E.R. Akpan&#;

  • Article Number: 417C58855407

November 2013

A comparative study of patients dose level with standard diagnostic reference levels in two diagnostic centers in Ekiti State, Nigeria

The objective of this study is to obtain typical ESD values for patients undergoing four common X-ray examinations in two diagnostic centers in Ekiti State, and to determine the level of confonnance of cmnnt practice in the two centers with the UK prac­ tice. TI1enuoluminesence dosimeters  (TLDs)  were  used to meaimre the ESDs for 80 patients, undergoing chest (PA), abdomen (AP), lumbar spine (AP)...

Author(s): I, Ezenma

  • Article Number: 1A98DB555418

November 2013

Pediatric chest radiography: audit of common technical faults in Southern Nigeria

Background: Technical faults represent one of the most potent limiting factors in optimizing pediatric radiography. These faults not only affect the technical quality of the radiographs produced but have far reaching consequences. Objectives: We sought to audit the common techni­cal faults in pediatric chest radiography in South­ South Nigeria towards identifying and adopting re­ medial measures that...

Author(s): Ekpo E.U. Erim A.E. Egbe No. Chiaghanam NO, Sampson PO

  • Article Number: 06DA75955432

November 2013

Assessment of the implementation of radiation dose limiting strategies in radiography practice, in Lagos, Nigeria

Background: Teclmical faults represent one of the most potent limiting factors in optimizing pediatric radiography. These faults not only affect the technical quality of the radiographs produced but have far reaching  consequences. Objectives of the study. Satisfactorily completed questionnaires (smvey forms) by the researchers were collated and analyzed using Epi info version 3.5.1data processing...

Author(s): Ekpo E.U. Erim A.E., Egbe N.O.. Chiaghanam NO, Sampson P.O.

  • Article Number: 56CC8E455444

November 2013

Quality control in radiology units of tertiary healthcare centers in North Eastern Nigeria

Background of tile Study: Apa1t from deterioration ch1e to aging, ve1y often lead aprons are damaged ch1e to poor handling. Without quality control these lead aprons will, with time contiibute significantly to radiation burden of the wearer. Purpose: TI1e purpose of this study was to evaluate the protective feature of lead aprons used in radiology depa1tment perfo1med at federal public hospitals by analysing...

Author(s): Nkubli BF, Nzotta CC,   Nwob i IC,  Moi S.A,  Luntsi G,  Salisu U,  Matthew A.

  • Article Number: BBC3E4055450

November 2013

Shielding efficiency of lead and concrete: A comparative study

Lead is the most common shield against x-rays because of its high density, ease of installation and low cost. Though there had been an unguided choice of shielding matelials by radiation producers and users particularly in Radiology. There has not been sufficient data and bases for comparing the shielding efficiency of lead and concrete as obtained in various local environments. This is a comparison of the shielding...

Author(s): C. C. Nzotta and E. Udeh

  • Article Number: C9C9EC555459

November 2012

Diagnostic medical imaging: A review of a century of evolutions

Background: Diagnostic medical imaging has continually undergone tremendous evolutions since the discovery of x-ray in 1895. While some modalities have been modified, some have been totally discarded, while new ones have also been introduced as knowledge and technology continued to advance. Objective: The objective of the study is to review and highlight the major events that defined the course of development of...

Author(s): Eze CU, Njoku J, Abon yl L C,

  • Article Number: 83C935755347

November 2012

Quality management: A panacea for patient radiation dose optimization in radiology

Background: The useful ness of reject analysis in radiography is not in doubt but, it's role and relevance in image quality improvement and patient dose optimization has not been fully evaluated. Quality management has been identified as a vita l component of the quality assurance programme which ensures that corrective act ions are taken to achieve optimization of image quality and patient dose. Objective: To...

Author(s): Arimie C. O. D

  • Article Number: 242882B55363

November 2012

Incidence and age distribution of fibroids at federal medical centre Owerri, Nigeria

AIM: The study was carried out at the Radiology Dept, Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, in order to determine the distribution and prevalence of types of fibroids across various age brackets. METHOD: 586 patients of age  bracket  (21-50 yrs) were scanned for fibroid and other related pelvic masses. The age brackets  were  grouped into Early adulthood, Premenopausal and Perimenopausal ages. Findings...

Author(s): Emmanuel A. Odumeru

  • Article Number: 622BF8355372

November 2012

Perception and attitude of Nigerian school children towards radiography profession

BACKG ROUND: Shortage of manpower is a worldwide problem in radiography and is attributable to the negative perception of the profession by young people. AIM: To assess the level of awareness, perception and attitude of young Nigerian school children towards radiography profession and determine the effect of career talk on their perception and attitude towards it. METHODOLOGY: A two-group study which targeted...

Author(s): C. C. Ohagwu.,  U. C. Nwankwo., C. U.Eze.

  • Article Number: 420D8D155383

November 2012

Training and skill acquisition for manpower development

This paper gives a clear conceptual framework of training and development, the functional needs of training, the types and techniques of training, and the processes for post training evaluation. The approach is from a standpoint of non-empirical discussions, hinging basically on the dynamics of different training techniques that are fundamentally designed to  cater  for  different work environments and...


  • Article Number: F934CE255387

November 2012

Diverticular disease of the colon presenting with rectal bleeding in an elderly African: a case report

OBJECTIVE: To re-emphasize the role of radiological evaluation in the diagnosis of diverticular disease.   RESULT: Multiple outpunching were seen in descending and sigmoid colon in double contrast barium enema films   CONCLUSION: The important  role of radiological evaluation in the diagnosis of diverticular disease was confirmed using barium enema study.

Author(s): Irurhe N.K., Awosanya G.O.G., Olajide T..

  • Article Number: B8E5C6255397

September 2011

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Practice: A Reflective Account of our Experience and Window of Opportunity in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa

Bearing in mind that plain radiography imaging general ul trasound, computerised tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are the common imaging modalities in public and private diagnostic practice among developing nations like Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa; our objective in this paper is to raise awareness and sensitize the reader that musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound needs to be developed and offered...

Author(s): Ehiwe E. , Ohuegbe C.

  • Article Number: 13368D055438

September 2011

A case for CT head and plain film reporting role for radiographers in some major UK trauma Centres and their Counterparts in the developing world

It is the convention, culture and established tradition in radiology departments that all imaging procedures have to be accompanied by a medical report, and by law, radiographers have no business issuing these reports as it is an exclusive reserve of medically- trained radiologists. Of recent, however, empowered and motivated by the graduate stan1s of radiography education and many recent clinical and political...

Author(s): Onyema L. E.

  • Article Number: 5EF1D9055451

September 2011


Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the standard and measures adopted by Radiographers in South East of Nigeria towards infection control in practice. Materials and methods: 51 practicing Radiographers were assessed using a 31item questionnaire. The questionnaire was sem i -structured and a i med at obtaining information on Radiographers demographic factors, knowledge/awareness of infection control, the...

Author(s): UDOH B.E. , UGWU A.C., AKAKA M.I.

  • Article Number: 3BDBBF955460

September 2011


Objective of the study: To analyse reject films at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital as a tool for patient dose optimisation. METHODOLOGY: Eight Hundred and seventeen (817) radiographs rejected at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital Radiology Department between January 2008 and July of the year were analyzed according to body parts for reasons for their reject. RESULTS: The most common...

Author(s): Nwobi I.C., Agwu K. K.,  Garba I., James P.

  • Article Number: 5E72FDE55468

September 2011

Magnetic Resonance lmagin g of A nterior Knee Bursitis: A Case Series and Review of Liteature

Anterior Knee Bursitis arises from a range of causes. We presented two case studies involving pre-patellar bursitis, superior patella pouch effusions and oedema of the Hoffa’s fat pad. Our objective in this paper is to highlight the significance of MRI in evaluating lesions of the anterior knee compartment and undertake a review of related literature regarding anterior knee pain.   Keywords: MRI,...

Author(s): Ehiwe E.I. O, Shetty D.S., Ohuegbe C.I.

  • Article Number: 31E9CD055472

September 2011


Inguinal hernias presenting in the first week of life are uncommon and represent paediatric emergency. We present the classical sonographic appearances in a strangulated irreducible right inguinal hernia in a tone week old female. The hernia contained mainly intestines and measured grossly 22 x 16mm in dimension. Doppler studies indicate on-set of vascular compromise, with its potential risk of morbidity and mortality....

Author(s): Erondu O.F. , Ugwu A. C. , Okoro C. R. , Amiemeka J.

  • Article Number: 085812555477

September 2011


Objective: To highlight the importa nt role of ultrasound in early detection of non-traumatic retina l detachment in the management of this condition. RESULT: Ultrasonography revealed V-shaped echogenic mobile retinal membrane with the tip attached posteriorly to the optic nerve head. Successful laser surgery carried out confinned diagnosis. CONCLUSIONS: Non- traum atic retinal detachment shou ld be considered...

Author(s): Irurhe N. K. , Awosanya G. O. G., Adeyomoye A. O.

  • Article Number: 1103F6C55480

September 2011


Objective: To present a rare case of congenita l proximal femoral focal deficiency, Aitken type C in a 6 months old child. Method/Results: Maternal and family history were evaluated and showed no evidence of diabetes, infection, unprescribed drug use during pregnancy and congenital limb deficiency and neurofibromatosis respectively. Pelvic and Limb Radiographs showed discrepancies in the lengths of the lower limbs...

Author(s): Ibinaiyc P. O. , Adcyinka A. O.  and Nwokoric E. C. .

  • Article Number: 4CC4C3955484

November 2007

Strategies and Methods for Effective Management in The Practice of Radiography

This paper explores, the historical past of the health care delive1y sector in Nigeria  evaluates the cmnnt situation in health care delivey, and then  elucidate s the place and role of radiography as an undoubtedly inevitable component of the health care delivery system, and  unarguably  a very strategic cornerstone upon which many a medical diagnostic procedure or process is based. TI1c paper...

Author(s): ADEBOLA, S.A.

  • Article Number: 9C0B92C55579

November 2007

Oral History: A Tool for the Development of Radiography Practice in Nigeria

Aim: To highlight the impo11ance of oral histo1y in the development of radiography profession in Nigeria. Oral history has been extensively employed in qualitative research. It aims to shed light on the past, guide the present, through effective policy formulation and implementation, and enable the future to be anticipated based on previous experiences. There have been influences on radiography practice in Nigeria by...

Author(s): Ugwu A.C. , ldigo F. U. , Okeji M.C.J. .

  • Article Number: 448003655580

November 2007


Objective: Post irradiation cell recovery in peripheral white blood corpuscles whole body x- i1ndiation was investigated using Albino Wister rats. TI1e sh1dy was aimed at the determination of the time for full recove1y of the white blood cells in order to hypothesize a safe period for repeated irradiation for patients undergoing periodic radiographic examinations for follow up cases. Methods: Seven (7) rats...

Author(s): Ikamaise V.C., Chiaganam N.O., Dike E.U.., Ndem B.N..

  • Article Number: 985695355584

November 2007

The Value of Transabdominal Sonography in the Diagnosis and Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Purpose: To determine the clinical utility of Transabdominal sonography (TAS) in the diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in the locality. Methods:    In   a    prospective  study   of    four radio diagnostic centres in Lagos, South   West Nigeria, the sonography reports of 105 women of child-bearing age referred for pelvic...

Author(s): Njoku, J. ., Agwu K. K . .,  ldigo F.U . ,  Ogbu S.O.,.

  • Article Number: 087EB1D55585

November 2007

Transretal Ultrasonographic Assessment of Prostate Volume in Normal Adult Nigerians

Objective: To establish a nomogram of prostate volumes in normal adult Nigerians as a guide to determine the mean prostate volume in normal adult Nigerians. Patients and Medtods: Two hundred men whose ages range from 25 to 45 years (mean age 35 years) with no symptoms of prostatic enlargement consented to be screened by transrectal ultrasound (TRUS). The prostate volumes were calculated using the three dimensional...

Author(s): Okeji M.C., Okoye I.J., Nwobi I.C., Okpaleke  M.S.

  • Article Number: A4FF76255586

November 2007

Pattern of Cut Selection in Brain Computed Tomographic Scan using Non-Helical CT in Kano, Nigeria

Background: Most centres in the developing world are still using non-helical computerized tomographic (C1) scanners that can take only direct axial and occasionally coronal section of the brain, while sagittal sections could only be obtained on reconsh11ction with its attendant loss of image quality. Prior knowledge of the type of additional cuts needed beyond the routine axial cuts for a given clinical diagnosis,...

Author(s): I. Garba and Tabari A.M.

  • Article Number: 7F71ED755587

November 2007

Scatter Radiation from Diagnostic X-ray Units in Lagos Metropolis

This work studied the level of scatter radiation from conventional x-ray, C.T. and mammography units as a result of differences in voltage  wave fonn and filtration.   Method:  Four thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD) were placed on each wall  of 27 (twenty seven)  x-ray rooms , 2  (two) C.T. rooms  and  1 (one) mammography room at equal distances from the film at a level...

Author(s): C. Nzotta, . A. O. Akhigbe, . T. C. Akpa, . A.N.K Nwoke

  • Article Number: 31FE2DC55588

November 2007


Background: Pelvic abscess is an uncommon finding in males. It is also an unconunon complication of acute appendicitis. It is usually a complication of appendicectomy. Method: An 18 year old boy was referred from a private clinic with histo1y of tight iliac fossa (RIF) pain, fever, nausea and constipation. The patient had been on oral antibiotics to suppress repeated episodes of right iliac fossa pain before...

Author(s): C. C. Ohagwu,  .S.E. Ongbabo

  • Article Number: 33B80A455589

November 2007


Background: TI1e growing numbers of medical malpractice claims worldwide has caused   alarm in   all   areas   of health   care including sonography and led to an increasing, awareness of legal implication of practice. Thus,   the   likelihood    that   litigation cases against sonographers will be common in the future in...

Author(s): Idigo, F.U. and Eze, C.U.

  • Article Number: 27F0A6B55576

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