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  • Roger A. Ritvo
    NGOs in Ukraine: Growing amid growing concern
    February 2014 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0284      [Article Number: C536AE842743]

  • Lina Maqbool, Nauman Ahmed, Muhammad Umar Hayyat, Rashid Mahmood, Zawar Haider and Rab Nawaz
    Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis of Environmental NGOs working in Punjab, Pakistan
    January 2014 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0283      [Article Number: 07B298542720]

  • Mafuse Never, Gono Nyeverwai, Manyumwa Dadirayi, Munyati Vincent Tinashe Gwati  Maponga and Muhau Edgar
    Adoption of the “Conservation Farming” practice in maize production by small holder farmers in the Makoni District of Zimbabwe
    January 2014 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0281      [Article Number: 9DD478642720]

  • Showkat Ahmad Dar
    Partition through literature
    October 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0279B      [Article Number: BEDE61B41572]

  • Ojo, John Sunday
    An assessment of gender inequality in democratic politics in the fourth republic in Nigeria (1999-2003)
    October 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0278B      [Article Number: A3F6AD741573]

  • Dimelu M. U., Salua E. S. and Igbokwe E. M.
    Performance of faith-based grassroot non-governmental organisations in rural development in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
    October 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0276B      [Article Number: 7C8F88841574]

  • Korir Weldon
    An analysis of drug abuse along the coastal region of Kenya
    October 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0277B      [Article Number: C674B3541575]

  • Jephias Mapuva
    Enhancing citizen participation through civic action in Zimbabwe, 1997-2010
    August 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: 77E841840916]

  • A. K. Nigam, M. K. Singh, Reeta Saxena, P. P. Tewari and Shruti Shukla
    Alternative method for analyzing multiple overlapping responses
    August 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: 57FEA2C40918]

  • Michael Andrew McADAMS and Sinan KOCAMAN
    Using historic preservation as a para-diplomatic agent in cross-cultural conflict resolution in international border areas: A case study in the Kars province in Turkey
    June 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: C42876740920]

  • Alexius Amtaika
    Replaying memories of the past: Reflecting on the South African teachers’ 2010 protest
    June 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: 4410AE840923]

  • G. Hassan Lone and Suhail Mircha
    Drug addiction and the awareness regarding its possible treatment and rehabilitation of young drug users in Kashmir
    April 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: FC7636740924]

  • Pirzada Mohammad Amin and M. Mudasir Naqshbandi
    Issues pertaining to families of disabled children in Kashmir
    April 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: 9DB341240926]

  • Peter Paul Kithae, Juster G. Nyaga and Judy Gakenia Kimani
    Role of microfinance factors on the sustainability of women managed micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Kenya
    April 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    [Article Number: C805E4840928]

  •   Chesfeeda Akhtar  
    Sexual harassment at workplace and in educational institutions: A case study of District Srinagar, Kashmir
    March 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0265      [Article Number: E7BF85541168]

  •   GISARO M. Ya-BITITI, Philippe LEBAILLY, Philippe BURNY and Déo Mbonyinkebe  
    Role of KOPAKAMA in promoting socio-economic development of coffee farmers
    March 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0268      [Article Number: DA8174041174]

  •   Juan Azcárate and Berit Balfors    
    Network strategic assessment approach for dialogue and capacity development in NGOs
    March 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0264      [Article Number: 985310341176]

  •   Ferdous AHAMED,    
    Child labour and Bangladesh: To what extent can Bangladesh remove child labour particularly in the Bangladesh Ready-made Garment (RMG) sector?
    February 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0103      [Article Number: 99578C541140]

  •   Bilal Ahmad Dar and Bhat Fayaz Ahmad  
    Small scale industries in Jammu and Kashmir (J & K): Growth, performance and challenges
    February 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ12.023      [Article Number: F9DBF3D41151]

  •   Hinal Pandya    
    Involuntary displacement: An analysis of the role and contribution of non-government organizations to the Narmada Project affected communities in Western India
    February 2013 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]  
    DOI: 10.5897/INGOJ2013.0105      [Article Number: A94764741157]

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