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May 2016

Effect of static stretching of wrist flexors on handgrip strength and endurance of apparently healthy individuals

Background/ Objective: Stretching exercise has been considered an essential component in warm up for decades. However, the benefit of stretching exercise in performance enhancement is now being questioned. This study investigated the effects of static stretching of the wrist flexors on the handgrip strength and endurance of apparently healthy individuals. Method: Seventy five (75) registered...


  • Article Number: 7C3F4F766972

November 2015

Awareness, knowledge and perception of professional identity of physiotherapy among residents of three rural communities in Ife North Local Government, South West, Nigeria

Background: Physiotherapy identity in the general public is on the edge as the profession is not clearly differentiated from related health care professions, which in turn may constitute a barrier to seeking physiotherapy services. Aim: This study assessed awareness, knowledge and perception of professional identity of physiotherapy among rural dwellers in Nigeria. Materials and Methods: A door-to-door...

Author(s):  Chidozie Emmanuel MBADA; Modupe Joseph OLA-OJO; Olubusola Esther JOHNSON

  • Article Number: E2FD0F367090

July 2014

Knowledge, attitude and perception of sportsmen and personnel about cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Background: There is increasing incidence of cardiac arrest during competitive sport. Awareness of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) among athletes and officials could impact positively on this trend. There is dearth of information on level of knowledge, attitude and perception of sportsmen and personnel on CPR. Aim: To assess the level of knowledge, attitude and perception of CPR among sportsmen and...


  • Article Number: 52A410A67100

November 2013

Weight-bearing asymmetry in patients with unilateral knee osteoarthritis and age-sex matched control

Background: Asymmetry weight bearing is noted to be prevalent among individuals with neuro-musculoskeletal disorders affecting lower limbs loco-motor system. Aim: To compare weight-bearing asymmetry (WBA) for patients with unilateral knee osteoarthritis (OA) with that of age and sex matched apparently healthy individuals and to investigate the associations between WBA and pain intensity (PI) and...

Author(s):   Ayanniyi Olusola, Fasina Abiola Atinuke,Adekanla A. Babatunde

  • Article Number: 0125DC567107

November 2013

A perspective on measurement in rehabilitation: Focus on spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Measurement serves two primary purposes in rehabilitation; to determine the effectiveness of interventions and to ascertain the status of populations. The purpose of this short report is to present a perspective on the role of measurement in rehabilitation, using spinal cord injury (SCI) rehabilitation examples to illuminate measurement concepts.  The difference between an outcome measure and a health status...

Author(s): Mothabeng .D. Joyce

  • Article Number: 3DD339C67110

November 2013

Perception of the therapeutic benefit of exercise on primary dysmenorrhoea among post-pubertal students in a northwestern city of Nigeria

Background: Primary dysmenorrhoea (PD) is a common and sometimes debilitating condition for women of reproductive age. Aim: This study evaluated the level of perception of the effects of exercise on PD among senior secondary school students in Kano metropolis, northwestern, Nigeria. Methodology: This study involved 300 randomly selected students from 10 selected schools in the metropolis....

Author(s): Farida G. Sumaila, Caleb A. Gbiri, Halimat Bello

  • Article Number: EAB77EA67114

November 2013

Relationship between obesity and self-esteem in a cohort school age Nigerian children

Aim: The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between childhood obesity and self-esteem of pupils in school age Nigerian children. Methods: The study involved a sample of 115 pupils of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Demonstration School who were recruited using random sampling and who volunteered to participate. Body mass index (BMI) was used as an indicator of possible childhood...

Author(s): Ogu O.C., Umunnah O. Joseph

  • Article Number: 7549C0567117

November 2013

Low back pain in pregnancy: The reality and the challenge

Pregnancy-related low back pain is highly prevalent among women of child bearing age and it also constitutes a source of significant discomfort to the sufferers. There are multiplefactors contributing to these symptoms during pregnancy and the post-delivery period in some others. Attitudes towards it varied, some see it as inevitable syndrome associated with pregnancy which may or may not attract serious consideration...

Author(s): Olushola Ayanniyi

  • Article Number: A91BEB867123

October 2010

Inter-professional perception: Nurses’ perception of physiotherapists in Ibadan, Nigeria

Background: Teamwork has become an important aspect of health practice globally and inter-professional perception is an important factor that may affect the dynamics of the health team. Aim: The study assessed nurse’ perception of physiotherapists (perception), how nurses thought physiotherapists perceive physiotherapists (meta-perception) and how nurses though physiotherapists would say nurses perceive...

Author(s): Adegoke, Babatunde A; Oyedeji, Oyenike O

  • Article Number: 8ED34A867165

October 2010

Pattern of Musculaskeletal pain among elderly physiotherapy outpatients in Nigerian tertiary health institution

Background: Elderly patients suffer from both acute and chronic painful conditions and ineffective pain management can have a significant impact on the quality of life of older adults, leading to depression, social isolation and a loss of function. Aim:  To find out what the causes of musculoskeletal pain are and the site that was mostly affected in elderly patients attending Physiotherapy outpatients’...

Author(s): Ojoawo A.O., Onigbinde A.T., Awotidebe T.O.

  • Article Number: 5D7535567168

October 2010

Common causes of cerebral palsy and factors contributing to late physiotherapy interventions on children attending out-patient physiotherapy services at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

Background: Zambia has a high number of Cerebral Palsy (CP) children. What isn’t adequately documented is the cause of CP. Compounding this is children’s late referral for Physiotherapy. A significant number of CP children are managed at Zambia’s largest University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka. Aim: This prospective cross-sectional study set out to determine the common causes of CP and further...


  • Article Number: 90A334567170

October 2010

Acute effect of lidocaine iontophoresis on pain and joint motions during application of mobilization techniques – A technical report

Background: Pain and restricted movements as usually the indications for applying joint mobilization techniques in osteoarthritic subjects; however, during application most patients tend to prevent the procedure because of anxiety and pain experienced. Aim: The primary aim of this study was to determine the effect of lidocaine iontophoresis on pain experience during joint mobilization. Materials and Methods:...

Author(s): Onigbinde, Ayodele T; Talabi, Adetayo E; Ogunsakin, Emmanuel A; Adesoye, Abefe A; Awotipe Adedeyo; Mbada, Chidozie E; Obiyemi, Olawale O.; Oyerinde, Oyesegan O; Sheu A

  • Article Number: 842FDAE67172

October 2010

Compliance of physiotherapists to an objective assessment pro forma in the evaluation of patients with chronic low back pain

Background: The non-availability of a structured assessment format on Ghana is often accompanied by diverse outcomes in back pain (LBP) assessment. Aim: This study investigated the compliance of physiotherapists to the introduction of an objective assessment pro forma in the evaluation of patients with LBP at three referral centers in the Accra Metropolis. Materials and Methods: One hundred and thirty-eight...

Author(s): Owusu-Ansah, Bertha; Agoriwo, W Mary; Bello, Ajediran; Appiah-Kubi, O Kwadwo; Quartey, NA Jonathan

  • Article Number: 3E3502567174

October 2010

Incidence and management of injuries at the first and second splash marathon race in Ibadan, Nigeria

Objective: This report outlines the injuries, other health problems and delivery of physical therapy at the maiden and second editors of the Splash 105.5 FM/CPC Integrity Marathon race. Materials and Methods: Demographic data and information on running experience, past and present injuries and other health problems reported en route and at the finish line by the runners were documented. Prevalence of injuries and...

Author(s): Omoyemi O. Ogwumike; Ade F. Adeniyi

  • Article Number: B2BDC9B67176

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