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July 2018

Commenting on effective laboratory teaching in selected preparatory schools, North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia

The present study assessed the challenges to implement laboratory teaching in selected Preparatory Schools, North Shewa Zone. The result of this study showed that although laboratories for each subjects were present (100%) in all districts, lack of professional skills (50% in biology, 64.5% in chemistry and 61.5% physics), lack of materials (78.6% in biology, 64.7% in chemistry and 65.4% in physics) and lack of...

Author(s): Andinet Nigussie, Said Mohammed, Endris Yimam, Worku Wolde, Negasi Akalu, Abubekir Seid, Genene Shiferaw, Tesfaye Teka and Solomon Mulaw  

July 2018

Pedagogical development level of pre-service primary school teachers for science teaching

In this study, the pedagogical development level of pre-service primary school teachers for science teaching was examined. The participants of the study consist of 135 pre-service teachers from Primary School Teaching Department in Faculty of Education at Pamukkale University. After removing the invalid forms, a total of 128 pre-service teachers participated in the study. Data were collected with “Pre-service...

Author(s): Ümran Şahin  

July 2018

Analysis of preschool curriculum in East Gojjam Zone: Implication to quality early childhood education

Developmentally appropriate curriculum is a component for quality early childhood care and education. This study was conducted in Debre Markos town, East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia. The study aimed to evaluate if the textbooks implemented by private preschools are developmentally appropriate or not. Qualitative case study approach was employed and Mathematics and Environmental Science textbooks for upper kindergarten class...

Author(s): Wohabie Birhan  

July 2018

Explaining the requirements for teacher’s development based on professional competencies approach

As teacher competencies and skills play a major role in their performance and thus the achievement of school and educational goals, teachers need to equip themselves with a variety of competencies to educate children who are potentially future leaders of the community. In this context, the present study aimed to find the correlation between each of the main dimensions of professional competencies and the main components...

Author(s): Leila Moghtadaie and Maryam Taji  

July 2018

An analysis on play and playmate preferences of 48 to 66 months old children in the context of gender

This research was conducted to analyze play and playmate preferences of preschool girls and boys during free play time. The study group consisted of 48-66 months old preschool children. There were ten girls, seven boys and a preschool teacher in the study group. They were all selected from a public preschool in Cukurova, a district of Adana a city in the south of Turkey in the fall semester of 2014 to 2015 academic...

Author(s): Işıl Taş

July 2018

The effect of physical education and sports departments on behavioral changes towards exercising

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of Physical Education and Sports (PES) Departments over the exercise behaviors of male students (277 pu, 283 pri) from a sample group of 21 to 26 year-olds, who are studying in various departments from both private and public universities in Istanbul. The Physical Activity Stages of Change Questionnaire (PASCQ) was used for data collection and the effect of the PES...

Author(s): Aliye Menevşe

July 2018

Comparative study of Turkey and Germany Life Science teaching programs

Comparative education studies within the perspective of globalization are seen as important studies, as they reveal the problems in education and show defective aspects of the systems applied in other countries. This way they improve the available system. The purpose of this research is to study the current curriculum of Life Science lesson within the context of four main elements comparatively. The Life Science lesson,...

Author(s): Tuncay Canbulat

July 2018

Existential intelligence among graduate students at the World Islamic Sciences University in Jordan

Existential intelligence is often neglected in literature, especially at the tertiary level. Therefore this study aims to identify the degree of existential intelligence in a sample of graduate students at the World Islamic Sciences University in Jordan. In addition, the study aims to find out whether this degree differs according to a number of variables. The study sample comprised 56 male and female Faculty of...

Author(s): Esam Abdullah Al Jaddou  

June 2018

Global citizenship training program for teacher candidates

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Global Citizenship Training Program (GCTP) prepared for teacher candidates. The training program lasted for 13 sessions and 32 volunteering Turkish teacher candidates participated in the program. The mixed method was utilized for this study. The pre-test and post-test scores of teacher candidates from “Global Citizenship Competency Perception...

Author(s): Derya GÖĞEBAKAN-YILDIZ  

June 2018

Investigation of music teacher candidates’ individual instrument burnout, perceived family support in instrument training and individual instrument training habits with regard to various variables

In the research, “Questionnaire on Individual Instrument Course Burnout” developed by Girgin, “Questionnaire on Individual Instrument Training habits” developed by Küçükosmanoğlu, Babacan, Babacan and Yüksel, and “Questionnaire on Perceived Family Support for Individual Instrument Course” developed by Girgin were used.  Statistical package for social science...

Author(s): Ceren Saygı Gerçeker  

June 2018

Content analysis of Civic Education curriculum in senior secondary schools in Osun State, Nigeria

This study investigated the extent of implementation of the Civic Education curriculum content in senior secondary schools in Osun State. It also determined the adequacy of curriculum content as provided in selected Civic Education textbooks in the schools. It finally assessed the adequacy, availability and utilization of the instructional facilities used for the teaching of Civic Education in schools. The study...

Author(s): B. A. Adeyemi  

June 2018

The world Islamic sciences and education university students' attitudes towards the inclusion of handicapped students within campus main stream

This study aims to examine the World Islamic Sciences and Education University students' attitude toward the inclusion of handicapped students within the university environment. The sample of the study consists of 247 male and female undergraduate students of the World Islamic and Education University at the academic year 2017/2018. To achieve the objectives of the study, a valid and reliable scale of World Islamic...

Author(s): Esam Abdullah Al Jaddou

June 2018

Teachers’ opinions of human resources management functions in private schools

In this research, teachers’ opinions are determined based on human resources management functions in a private school. The research determined study groups with a purposive sampling method which is conducted with a qualitative research design, in the academic year, 2016 to 2017. Six teachers who work in a private school in Famagusta in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) participated in the study. The...

Author(s): Merve Uysal and Çağda Kıvanç Çağanağa  

June 2018

Dimensions of personality and emotional intelligence as predictors of high school students’ career decision difficulties

This study aims to examine the predictability of emotional intelligence and five factor personality traits on career decision difficulties. The study group consisted of 432 students (246 women, 186 men) who participated in five different high schools in Adana and voluntarily participated in the study. Data collection tool were composed of Career Decision Difficulties Questionnaire, Emotional Intelligence Assessment...

Author(s): Oğuzhan Kırdök and Ozan Korkmaz

June 2018

English language achievement among Ethiopian public secondary school students: Associated factors

This study investigated attribution related factors in English language performance among grade nine students (n=147) in Ethiopia. Three public secondary schools were selected from Adama town using census sampling techniques. Sixty attribution items (that is, had 30 items of perceived reasons for success, and 30 items for perceived reasons for failure) were developed by the research team. The degree of influence for...

Author(s): Geberew T., Tigist T., J-F, Pullen D. and Swabey K.    

June 2018

Availability and accessibility of ICT- based instructional tools in medical colleges in Ogun State, Nigeria

This study assessed the availability and use of ICT-based Instructional tools in selected medical colleges in Ogun State, Nigeria. This study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The population to be studied is medical lecturers (328), clinical instructors (42) and laboratory technologist (92) from Ben Carson Snr. Medical School, Babcock University, Obafemi Awolowo College of Health Sciences, and Olabisi...

Author(s): Nwosu, Jonathan Chinaka, John, Henry Chukwudi and Akorede, O. J.  

June 2018

A research on the attıtude of eight grade students towards earthquake

The aim of this study is to determine the attitudes of eighth-grade students in  secondary schools towards earthquake. For this purpose, the attitude test towards earthquake was applied to 240 eighth grade students (107 females and 133 males) from five secondary schools in Istanbul. Quantitative method was used in the study. Also, to analyze the dataset collected from this study,  t-test and variance analysis...

Author(s): Hülya Kayalı  

June 2018

The perceptions of King Abdullah II School for Excellence teachers about the importance of using flipped learning for the development of students’ reflective thinking in Jordan

The study aims to reveal the perceptions of  King Abdullah II School for Excellence teachers about the importance of using flipped learning in developing the reflective thinking of their students in Jordan. The population of the study consists of  227 male and female teachers. The sample of the study consists of  180 teachers: 87 males and 93 females  selected using  simple random method from...

Author(s): Mohammed Bader ALYousef, Ibrahim Ali Naanah and Awad Mufleh AL Khazam

June 2018

The school image in children’s books

Literary works for children help the child to acquire reading habits and to be a helpful citizen in the society. Therefore, individuals obtain quality children's literature from the very beginning of childhood. In this context, the study aims to determine the reflection of the school concept in literary works prepared for children. No other individual study has been reported on the reflection of the school concept...

Author(s): Yasin Mahmut YAKAR  

June 2018

The perceptions of modern sports of students in the department of physical education and sports in Turkey

The aim of this study is to determine the perceptions of modern sports of the students studying at the departments of physical education and sports in Turkey, and to examine them based on different variables such as age, gender, department, grade, academic gross domestic product (GPA) and the habit of actively doing sports. In terms of the data analysis process, the descriptive statistics were presented with the values...

Author(s): Ahmet Atalay  

May 2018

Assessment of ‘Fx’ grading system and modular curriculum implementation in Samara University, Ethiopia

Fx grading system is a newly incorporated grading system in the Ethiopian higher education curriculum. The system started to apply in 2013, as an element of the modular curriculum, with the intention to a give second chance for students. Currently, this grading system is being implemented in Samara University, Afar, Ethiopia. This study has been conducted using a cross-sectional approach that applying a combination of...

Author(s): Mohammed Motuma Hassen and Mesud Mohammed Akmel

May 2018

Effect of nature-activities education program on the multiple intelligence level of children in the age group of 8 to 12 years

Research population consists of 15 children who attended a 5 week (3 days a week) nature-activities course with the consent of their parents during the summer term of 2016 - 2017 academic year. Participants were selected from children who had never taken part in a nature activity before. Measurement tool of this study was “Development of Self-Assessment Scale in Multiple Intelligence Fields” of which...

Author(s): Merve Ceylan

May 2018

Turkish adaptation of children’s perceived use of self-regulated learning inventory

This research aims to adapt the Children’s Perceived Use of Self-Regulated Learning Inventory developed by Vandevelde. The inventory was developed to understand children’s self-regulated learning. The sampling in this research included 500 children who are attending primary school at İstanbul in Turkey. First of all, the inventory was translated into Turkish. After the data collection, to understand the...

Author(s): Muhammet Fatih Doğanand Çiğdem Şahin-Taşkın

May 2018

Determining the readiness levels of pre-service teachers towards mobile learning in classroom management

Mobile Technologies are used in many areas of education, but they can be used for many purposes towards mobile learning such as the most supporting and developing learning, accessing information, being independent from time and space, increasing motivation, conducting research and preparing for examinations. The fact that mobile technology and mobile learning are independent from time and space means that they are...

Author(s): Muhammet Baş and Okan Sarıgöz

May 2018

Motivation to learn Turkish in foreign students with different thinking styles in terms of functional and formal aspects

The aim of this study was to determine the level of motivation to learn Turkish among foreign students with different thinking styles in terms of the functional and formal aspects of these thinking styles. The survey model was used in the study. The participants in the study were 51 foreign students (33 female, 18 male) who were studying at the TÖMER (Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi [Center of Turkish...

Author(s): Behice Varisoglu  

May 2018

Challenges of research conduct among postgraduate research students in an African University

Postgraduate research students often experience various problems during the course of their programmes which hamper the timely completion of the MPhil/PhD and full doctoral (PhD) programmes. However, there is limited documented information on these barriers among Nigerian postgraduate students in Nigeria. This study was conducted to assess the barriers to research and training needs of these students at the University...

Author(s): Adeyimika Titilayo Desmennu and Eme Theodora Owoaje  

May 2018

A look at mother tongue education in the context of the right to education

In Turkey, education in state schools can be delivered in foreign languages such as German, French and English. However, mother tongue education cannot be provided in the languages of minorities or local groups other than those officially accepted as minorities (that is, according to the Treaty of Lausanne). In this regard, the primary aim of this study was to reveal the views of postgraduate students (Masters (MA)/PhD)...

Author(s): Idris Şahin  

April 2018

Enhancing pre-K-12 student learning outcomes: The need for synergies of policy-makers, school administrators and parents

Building strong synergy among policy-makers, school administrators, teachers and parents in the execution of their roles is very important to improve student learning outcomes. It helps to lay a firm educational foundation for children from Pre-K-12 and facilitates life-long learning in order to assist learners to acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development....

Author(s): Charles Gbollie and Shaoying Gong,  

April 2018

Anthropological analysis of content knowledge of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers’ on graphs

The purpose of this study is to analyse the content knowledge on graphs of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers from an anthropological perspective. 112 pre-service elementary mathematics teachers participated in the study. Concentric mixed pattern research method has been used in the study. The data was collected through Graphic Content Knowledge Scale and interview method in order to examine the content...

Author(s): Filiz Tuba Dikkartin Övez and Nazlı Akar

April 2018

Articulation of ethnomathematical knowledge in the intercultural bilingual education of the Guna people

The aim of this research is to study the fundamental elements used to broaden mathematical knowledge and to establish  guidelines for its development using Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE) framework. This study is an experimental quantitative research. Problem solving pretest and posttest were given to the students of Carti Tupile School (control group) in Spanish and students of Sayla Olonibiginya School...

Author(s): Luisa Morales Maure, Diomedes Fábrega, Marcos Campo Nava and Orlando García Marimón ,  

April 2018

Investigation of art literacy levels of fine arts education students

The purpose of this study is to examine the art literacy levels of fine arts education students. The study group consists of 111 music teacher candidate and 90 art teacher candidate, 201 students in total from Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Fine Art Education Branch. The data of the work were collected by "Art Literacy Scale". The study was designed in a causal-comparative research model. In data analysis,...

Author(s): Aylin MENTİŞ KÖKSOY  

April 2018

Sketch strategy of knowledge in physics learning and its influence on metacognitive

Metacognitive knowledge is a necessity in starting learning process. Solving physics problems requires metacognitive knowledge which comprises factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge. The purpose of metacognitive knowledge is to train students in developing their abilities in higher order of thinking. The problem is what kind of strategies can be used by teachers to facilitate student’s comprehension? This...

Author(s): Bunga D. Amin, Helmi Abdullah and Jasruddin D. Malago  

April 2018

School resources and student achievement: A study of primary schools in Zimbabwe

This study analyses the effects of school resources on student mathematics achievement in Zimbabwe using a 3-Level Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM). The major findings of the research are that a teacher trained in the relevant subject, class size, having a highly qualified school head and having a generally high resource endowment at school level improve student test scores. However, text book possession was seen as an...

Author(s): Ntobeko Ndlovu  

April 2018

Analyzing students’ views about mathematics teaching through stories and story generation process

The purpose of this study is to investigate primary mathematics education students’ views about mathematics teaching through stories and the story generation process. To this end, the study attempts to help primary mathematics education students to create stories for teaching middle school students mathematics and to gain experiences through the story generation process. Accordingly, the research question was...

Author(s): Esra Altintas  

April 2018

Perceptions and opinions of students studying at primary school mathematics teaching department about the concept of mathematics

The purpose of this study is get opinions of students on the subject of mathematics. It is thought that determining the meaning of mathematics in students’ minds, the things that students associate mathematics with and the things that come to their minds when you say mathematics is vital. In this way, it is thought that it can be possible to take some precautions for enabling students to develop positive attitudes...

Author(s): Esra Altintas  

March 2018

The pre-service teachers' value orientations

It is important to note that social scientists have recently concentrated on the issue of values. People's thoughts, decisions, behaviors etc. values that have an important place in the explanations constitute the subject of this research. The main purpose of the research is to analyze whether the value orientations of the pre-service teacher’ differ according to gender and branch variables. In the context...

Author(s): Mehmet Ali Akın  

March 2018

Mental health and inclusion seen from the children’s and teachers’ perspectives: A case study in Spain

Inclusive school requires the coexistence of what is perceived as normal and what is seen as pathologically different. Considering the growing pathologization of childhood, attempt is made to know the view of the students that do not have any diagnosed mental disorder on the ones that do have and the teachers’ view on the inclusion of these children. A case study was conducted in a Spanish public primary school...

Author(s): Míriam Pérez-Parreño and Paulo Padilla-Petry  

March 2018

Meaning that social studies teacher candidates give to value concept and their value rankings*

This work determines the role that value education plays in shaping people’s personal and social life. This research aims to put forward meaning that social studies teacher candidates give to value concept and its value ranking. To achieve this aim, the opinions of 12 social studies teacher candidates were obtained. During the data collection period, phenomenology pattern, that is, one of the qualitative research...

Author(s): Tural Aysegül  

March 2018

Using correction codes to enhance understanding of 4-parts harmony

The effective ways of error correction in teaching musical harmony have been neglected. Making students realize their mistakes and have them think over them are assumed to be helpful in harmony teaching. In this sense, correction code technique is thought to be beneficial for students to realize their mistakes and solve them on their own. Forty eight volunteer participants took a harmonization test and the experimental...

Author(s): Doruk Engür  

March 2018

Development of course inspection skills of secondary and high school headmasters in Bartin province*

Headmasters are responsible for many things that take place in the school. One of the main duties of a headmaster is the task of teacher inspection.   This study aims to evaluate education inspection skills of secondary and high school headmaster who work in the center of Bartın Province with the aim of also developing suggestions by identifying encountered problems during inspection. For this purpose, an...

Author(s): Gülsün Şahan  

March 2018

Self-efficacy of teacher candidates for teaching first reading and writing

The purpose of this study is to determine by different variables the self-efficacy of a teacher candidate for teaching first reading and writing in their 3rd and 4th year in the department of primary school teaching. In line with the purpose of the study, the self-efficacy levels of teacher candidates for teaching first reading and writing were analyzed on the basis of gender and academic year. The screening model was...

Author(s): Hatice Değirmenci Gündoğmuş  

March 2018

Maximize the mobile learning interaction through project-based learning activities

Mobile learning implementation at school is a must and meets what students currently need. To facilitate those conditions, teachers also need to have competencies in managing online learning. This research is a descriptive research to find out the experience of students who are prospective teachers when attending the mobile learning course supporting Moodle open source application on the topic of ‘designing online...

Author(s): Dwi Sulisworo and I Wayan Santyasa  

March 2018

A study on young Turkish students’ living thing conception

The aim of this study is to find out young Turkish students’ opinions about living thing concept in detail and to investigate the criteria used by the students to define this concept. The study sample consisted of randomly selected 140 students studying at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in four different primary and middle schools located in the western part of Turkey. The data of the study were collected with the...

Author(s): Sami ÖZGÜR  

March 2018

An evaluation of Global Zakat Game (GZG) as edutainment board game in enhancing Zakat education in Malaysia

Board games have become one of the useful tools in teaching and learning. Many instructors and educators have chosen to use board games to enhance the way of delivering course contents. A board game will help students understand the education concept quickly and get involved in experiential learning, where students can manage and solve problems in an actual situation. This study will focus on the evaluation of a board...

Author(s): Azman Ab. Rahman, Muhammad Sabri Sahrir, Nurkhamimi Zainuddin and Hasanah Abd. Khafidz

February 2018

Humility and forgiveness as predictors of teacher self-efficacy

This study explores the predictive influence of teachers’ humility and forgiveness on their self-efficacy perceptions. The population of this research consists of teachers who work at public primary and secondary schools located in the central districts of Ankara, Turkey. The sample of the study is composed of 303 primary and secondary school teachers working in central districts of Ankara, Turkey. The research...

Author(s): Ferudun Sezgin and Onur Erdoğan  

February 2018

Adaptation of the PERMA well-being scale into Turkish: Validity and reliability studies

Seligman’s “well-being scale” PERMA evaluates people’s level of well-being in five dimensions: P: Positive and Negative emotions, E: Engagement, R: Relationships, M: Meaning, A: Accomplishment, N: Negative Emotion and H: Health.  This scale measures a person’s level of well being using five components. The measurement scale developed consists of 23 items with a scoring interval from 0...

Author(s): Eliüşük Bülbül Ayşe  

February 2018

Latent profile analysis of the good teacher characteristics in the 21st Century in the Northeastern Region of Thailand

This research aimed to analyze the Latent Group Profile, hereafter (LPA) of good teacher characteristics’ in the 21st century in the Northeastern region of Thailand. The samples were 4 groups, viz; 10 expert teachers for interviewing on the draft of the variable to develop the indicators; 12 teachers who won Guru Awards from Teachers Council for in-depth interviewing and use the data to adjust the variable to...

Author(s): Sunan Sripai and Ketkanok Wanawan  

February 2018

Effects of sports on the attention level and academic success in children

The aim of the study is to examine the difference between attention deficit (AD) and academic success (AS) of children who enrolled in sports activities and those who did not. A total of 920 voluntary subjects aged between 10 and 14 years (506 who participate in sports activities and 414 who do not) participated in the study. The children’s mathematics, Turkish language and science courses grades were assessed at...

Author(s): Serkan Ibis and Zait Burak Aktug

February 2018

Public Perceptions and the Situation of Males in Early Childhood Settings

The main focus areas of this research are pointing out the public perceptions and beliefs about male preschool teachers, fear of child sexual molestation, moral panic, and power relations in the society. The sample of the study composed of one white, female preschool teacher with a single interview transcript, working in the city of Tempe, Arizona. Qualitative method was used for the research. A semi-structured...

Author(s): Mumin Tufan

January 2018

An evaluation of occupational ethical values of geography teacher candidates in Turkey

Geographers can be influenced by the occupational ethical values in their cultures. In this research, the opinions of the geography teaching candidates were determined according to occupational ethical values at Marmara University, Faculty of Education, Department of Geography Teaching. Occupational ethical values identified are used to collect data by help of survey which ethical values are seen as important by...

Author(s): Mehmet ÜNLÜ  

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