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April 2018

Enhancing pre-K-12 student learning outcomes: The need for synergies of policy-makers, school administrators and parents

Building strong synergy among policy-makers, school administrators, teachers and parents in the execution of their roles is very important to improve student learning outcomes. It helps to lay a firm educational foundation for children from Pre-K-12 and facilitates life-long learning in order to assist learners to acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development....

Author(s): Charles Gbollie and Shaoying Gong,  

April 2018

Anthropological analysis of content knowledge of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers’ on graphs

The purpose of this study is to analyse the content knowledge on graphs of pre-service elementary mathematics teachers from an anthropological perspective. 112 pre-service elementary mathematics teachers participated in the study. Concentric mixed pattern research method has been used in the study. The data was collected through Graphic Content Knowledge Scale and interview method in order to examine the content...

Author(s): Filiz Tuba Dikkartin Övez and Nazlı Akar

April 2018

Articulation of ethnomathematical knowledge in the intercultural bilingual education of the Guna people

The aim of this research is to study the fundamental elements used to broaden mathematical knowledge and to establish  guidelines for its development using Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE) framework. This study is an experimental quantitative research. Problem solving pretest and posttest were given to the students of Carti Tupile School (control group) in Spanish and students of Sayla Olonibiginya School...

Author(s): Luisa Morales Maure, Diomedes Fábrega, Marcos Campo Nava and Orlando García Marimón ,  

April 2018

Sketch strategy of knowledge in physics learning and its influence on metacognitive

Metacognitive knowledge is a necessity in starting learning process. Solving physics problems requires metacognitive knowledge which comprises factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge. The purpose of metacognitive knowledge is to train students in developing their abilities in higher order of thinking. The problem is what kind of strategies can be used by teachers to facilitate student’s comprehension? This...

Author(s): Bunga D. Amin, Helmi Abdullah and Jasruddin D. Malago  

April 2018

School resources and student achievement: A study of primary schools in Zimbabwe

This study analyses the effects of school resources on student mathematics achievement in Zimbabwe using a 3-Level Hierarchical Linear Model (HLM). The major findings of the research are that a teacher trained in the relevant subject, class size, having a highly qualified school head and having a generally high resource endowment at school level improve student test scores. However, text book possession was seen as an...

Author(s): Ntobeko Ndlovu  

April 2018

Analyzing students’ views about mathematics teaching through stories and story generation process

The purpose of this study is to investigate primary mathematics education students’ views about mathematics teaching through stories and the story generation process. To this end, the study attempts to help primary mathematics education students to create stories for teaching middle school students mathematics and to gain experiences through the story generation process. Accordingly, the research question was...

Author(s): Esra Altintas  

April 2018

Perceptions and opinions of students studying at primary school mathematics teaching department about the concept of mathematics

The purpose of this study is get opinions of students on the subject of mathematics. It is thought that determining the meaning of mathematics in students’ minds, the things that students associate mathematics with and the things that come to their minds when you say mathematics is vital. In this way, it is thought that it can be possible to take some precautions for enabling students to develop positive attitudes...

Author(s): Esra Altintas  

March 2018

The pre-service teachers' value orientations

It is important to note that social scientists have recently concentrated on the issue of values. People's thoughts, decisions, behaviors etc. values that have an important place in the explanations constitute the subject of this research. The main purpose of the research is to analyze whether the value orientations of the pre-service teacher’ differ according to gender and branch variables. In the context...

Author(s): Mehmet Ali Akın  

March 2018

Mental health and inclusion seen from the children’s and teachers’ perspectives: A case study in Spain

Inclusive school requires the coexistence of what is perceived as normal and what is seen as pathologically different. Considering the growing pathologization of childhood, attempt is made to know the view of the students that do not have any diagnosed mental disorder on the ones that do have and the teachers’ view on the inclusion of these children. A case study was conducted in a Spanish public primary school...

Author(s): Míriam Pérez-Parreño and Paulo Padilla-Petry  

March 2018

Meaning that social studies teacher candidates give to value concept and their value rankings*

This work determines the role that value education plays in shaping people’s personal and social life. This research aims to put forward meaning that social studies teacher candidates give to value concept and its value ranking. To achieve this aim, the opinions of 12 social studies teacher candidates were obtained. During the data collection period, phenomenology pattern, that is, one of the qualitative research...

Author(s): Tural Aysegül  

March 2018

Using correction codes to enhance understanding of 4-parts harmony

The effective ways of error correction in teaching musical harmony have been neglected. Making students realize their mistakes and have them think over them are assumed to be helpful in harmony teaching. In this sense, correction code technique is thought to be beneficial for students to realize their mistakes and solve them on their own. Forty eight volunteer participants took a harmonization test and the experimental...

Author(s): Doruk Engür  

March 2018

Development of course inspection skills of secondary and high school headmasters in Bartin province*

Headmasters are responsible for many things that take place in the school. One of the main duties of a headmaster is the task of teacher inspection.   This study aims to evaluate education inspection skills of secondary and high school headmaster who work in the center of Bartın Province with the aim of also developing suggestions by identifying encountered problems during inspection. For this purpose, an...

Author(s): Gülsün Şahan  

March 2018

Self-efficacy of teacher candidates for teaching first reading and writing

The purpose of this study is to determine by different variables the self-efficacy of a teacher candidate for teaching first reading and writing in their 3rd and 4th year in the department of primary school teaching. In line with the purpose of the study, the self-efficacy levels of teacher candidates for teaching first reading and writing were analyzed on the basis of gender and academic year. The screening model was...

Author(s): Hatice Değirmenci Gündoğmuş  

March 2018

Maximize the mobile learning interaction through project-based learning activities

Mobile learning implementation at school is a must and meets what students currently need. To facilitate those conditions, teachers also need to have competencies in managing online learning. This research is a descriptive research to find out the experience of students who are prospective teachers when attending the mobile learning course supporting Moodle open source application on the topic of ‘designing online...

Author(s): Dwi Sulisworo and I Wayan Santyasa  

March 2018

A study on young Turkish students’ living thing conception

The aim of this study is to find out young Turkish students’ opinions about living thing concept in detail and to investigate the criteria used by the students to define this concept. The study sample consisted of randomly selected 140 students studying at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in four different primary and middle schools located in the western part of Turkey. The data of the study were collected with the...

Author(s): Sami ÖZGÜR  

March 2018

An evaluation of Global Zakat Game (GZG) as edutainment board game in enhancing Zakat education in Malaysia

Board games have become one of the useful tools in teaching and learning. Many instructors and educators have chosen to use board games to enhance the way of delivering course contents. A board game will help students understand the education concept quickly and get involved in experiential learning, where students can manage and solve problems in an actual situation. This study will focus on the evaluation of a board...

Author(s): Azman Ab. Rahman, Muhammad Sabri Sahrir, Nurkhamimi Zainuddin and Hasanah Abd. Khafidz

February 2018

Humility and forgiveness as predictors of teacher self-efficacy

This study explores the predictive influence of teachers’ humility and forgiveness on their self-efficacy perceptions. The population of this research consists of teachers who work at public primary and secondary schools located in the central districts of Ankara, Turkey. The sample of the study is composed of 303 primary and secondary school teachers working in central districts of Ankara, Turkey. The research...

Author(s): Ferudun Sezgin and Onur Erdoğan  

February 2018

Adaptation of the PERMA well-being scale into Turkish: Validity and reliability studies

Seligman’s “well-being scale” PERMA evaluates people’s level of well-being in five dimensions: P: Positive and Negative emotions, E: Engagement, R: Relationships, M: Meaning, A: Accomplishment, N: Negative Emotion and H: Health.  This scale measures a person’s level of well being using five components. The measurement scale developed consists of 23 items with a scoring interval from 0...

Author(s): Eliüşük Bülbül Ayşe  

February 2018

Latent profile analysis of the good teacher characteristics in the 21st Century in the Northeastern Region of Thailand

This research aimed to analyze the Latent Group Profile, hereafter (LPA) of good teacher characteristics’ in the 21st century in the Northeastern region of Thailand. The samples were 4 groups, viz; 10 expert teachers for interviewing on the draft of the variable to develop the indicators; 12 teachers who won Guru Awards from Teachers Council for in-depth interviewing and use the data to adjust the variable to...

Author(s): Sunan Sripai and Ketkanok Wanawan  

February 2018

Effects of sports on the attention level and academic success in children

The aim of the study is to examine the difference between attention deficit (AD) and academic success (AS) of children who enrolled in sports activities and those who did not. A total of 920 voluntary subjects aged between 10 and 14 years (506 who participate in sports activities and 414 who do not) participated in the study. The children’s mathematics, Turkish language and science courses grades were assessed at...

Author(s): Serkan Ibis and Zait Burak Aktug

February 2018

Public Perceptions and the Situation of Males in Early Childhood Settings

The main focus areas of this research are pointing out the public perceptions and beliefs about male preschool teachers, fear of child sexual molestation, moral panic, and power relations in the society. The sample of the study composed of one white, female preschool teacher with a single interview transcript, working in the city of Tempe, Arizona. Qualitative method was used for the research. A semi-structured...

Author(s): Mumin Tufan

January 2018

An evaluation of occupational ethical values of geography teacher candidates in Turkey

Geographers can be influenced by the occupational ethical values in their cultures. In this research, the opinions of the geography teaching candidates were determined according to occupational ethical values at Marmara University, Faculty of Education, Department of Geography Teaching. Occupational ethical values identified are used to collect data by help of survey which ethical values are seen as important by...

Author(s): Mehmet ÜNLÜ  

January 2018

Achievement goals of medical students and physicians

In achievement settings, the types of motivation individuals develop are crucial to their success and to the ways in which they respond to challenges. Considering the competitive nature of medical education and the high stakes of medical practice, it is important to know what types of motivation (conceptualized here as achievement goals) medical students and physicians adopt and how these may differ depending on the...

Author(s): Oksana Babenko, Lia M. Daniels, Jonathan White, Anna Oswald and Shelley Ross  

January 2018

Primary school students’ views about science, technology and engineering

Some of the main goals of science education are to increase students’ knowledge about the technology and engineering design process, and to train students as scientifically and technologically literate individuals. The main purpose of this study is to find out primary students’ views about science, technology and engineering. For this aim and in order to increase students’ knowledge and understanding...

Author(s): Esin Pekmez  

January 2018

Examination of attitudes to learning and educational stress in prospective primary school teachers: İzmir-Buca sample

Many factors interact with each other in learning and internalizing a subject along with performing a new task. Attitudes and stress are the two of these factors. The aim of this study was to examine attitudes to learning and educational stress in third and fourth year students as prospective primary school teachers. The relational model was used and data were collected with Educational Stress Scale for Adolescents and...

Author(s): Hülya HAMURCU

January 2018

Conceptualizing group flow: A framework

This literature review discusses the similarities in main themes between Csikszentmihályi theory of individual flow and Sawyer theory of group flow, and compares Sawyer’s theory with existing concepts in the literature on group work both in education and business. Because much creativity and innovation occurs within groups, understanding group collaboration characteristics, including group flow, is critical...

Author(s): Jana Duncan and Richard E. West

January 2018

Construction of academic success and failure in school memories

The idea of ‘Apprenticeship of Observation’, proposing that pre-service teachers’ early academic experiences might have effects on their professional development, has been a concern in teacher education in the last forty years. Early success or failure experiences of pre-service teachers in school may have a role in their professional identity development. This study aimed to understand the role of...

Author(s): Gamze Inan Kaya

January 2018

Unpacking activities-based learning in kindergarten classrooms: Insights from teachers’ perspectives

Even though previous research points to the significance of kindergarten teachers’ practices which consider the nature of children and how they learn, there is still limited research regarding how learning activities impact children’s development. To address this gap in literature, a qualitative multi-case study into teachers’ perceptions of classrooms practices of four kindergarten teachers’ in...

Author(s): Charles Nyarko Annobil and Mumuni Thompson

January 2018

An analysis of 1926 inspection legislation document, named: “Law about inspectors of education ministry and their authorization”

In this study, 1926 official legislation document was analyzed taking the role and duties of inspectors at that time in mind. These roles and duties were explained based on the authorization, investigation, interrogation methodology, and employment of inspectors. This study was carried out by implementing documentary research methods. Like other early Republican legislations, the inspectorate document was prepared at...

Author(s): Mehmet Emin Usta

January 2018

Relationship between teachers' perceptions of mobbing and their problem solving skills

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between classroom teachers' perception of mobbing phenomenon and their problem solving skills. The sample of the study is composed of 208 classroom teachers working in the primary schools in the Osmangazi district of Bursa during the 2013-2014 educational year. The data required for the study was collected using a data collection tool, with the first...

Author(s): Nejla MUTLU GÖÇMEN and Selma GÜLEÇ

January 2018

The difficulties experienced by teacher candidates in their own process of elementary reading and writing education, and their current solution

The purpose of the current research is to identify the difficulties which teacher candidates studying elementary school teaching experienced in their past elementary reading and writing education and which cannot be forgotten, and to find out their solution for eliminating these difficulties. The study group of the research is composed of 118 teacher candidates selected by criterion sampling as a type of purposive...

Author(s): Hatice Değirmenci Gündoğmuş

December 2017

Unpacking instructional strategies of early childhood teachers: Insights from teachers’ perspectives

Even though previous research points to the significance of early childhood teachers’ practices that take into consideration the nature of children and how they learn, there is limited research regarding how instructional strategies impact children’s development in diverse ways. To close this gap in literature, a qualitative multi-case study into the perceptions and classroom practices of four kindergarten...

Author(s): Mumuni Thompson

December 2017

Observing the technological pedagogical and content knowledge levels of science teacher candidates

This study was planned to observe the technological pedagogical and content knowledge of teacher candidates. The study group consists of 4th grade students of Firat University Faculty of Education who were asked to describe any desired topic in the secondary school science curriculum, using the methods and techniques of their choosing. Teacher candidates talked about topics they had chosen in front of their peers with...

Author(s): Gonca Keçeci and Fikriye Kırbağ Zengin

December 2017

Predicting effective course conduction strategy using Datamining techniques

Data analysis techniques can be used to analyze the pattern of data in different fields. Based on the analysis’ results, it is recommended that suggestions be provided to decision making authorities. The data mining techniques can be used in educational domain to improve the outcome of the educational sectors. The authors carried out this research study by devising a mathematical model and tool to determine...

Author(s): Parkavi A, K. Lakshmi, K.G. Srinivasa

December 2017

Views of pre-service teachers following teaching experience on use of dynamic geometry software

The study aims to determine the views of final-year pre-service mathematics teachers towards their experience of the use of dynamic geometry software in teaching, following the implementation processes that they carried out when using this software in a real classroom environment. The study was designed as a case study, which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study was conducted with four pre-service...

Author(s): Kardelen Günes and Menekse Seden Tapan-Broutin

December 2017

Assessment of in-service training activities for junior high mathematics teachers

The current education system aimed to train active deliberative individuals who learn to learn with the adoption of the constructivist educational approach. Based on this objective, there have been significant changes in the roles of teachers. To assist the development of teachers, the Ministry of Education organizes several in-service training activities every year. The present study aimed to assess an in-service...

Author(s): Eyup Izci and Özlem Göktaş

December 2017

Investigating female pre-service preschool teachers’ attitudes towards sport

The purpose of this study was to investigate female pre-service preschool teachers’ attitudes towards sport in relation to the variables of grade level, the state of having done sport in the past, the reason for not doing sport in the past, the state of doing sport regularly, the level of interest in sport and the existence of a family member doing sport. Participants included 383 pre-service preschool teachers...

Author(s): Osman Dalaman

December 2017

Examining teaching of professional concepts in teacher training and investigating students’ cognitive structures regarding professional concepts

The study aims to determine education faculty students’ cognitive structures regarding professional concepts, and to reveal the views of the students and faculty members about conceptual teaching. The participants of the study, which was designed as a case study, were determined using the criterion sampling method. In the study, which was carried out with a total of 69 education faculty second grade students and...

Author(s): Memet Karakuş and Fatma Karakuş

December 2017

Evaluation of teacher candidates writing skills

In this study, 200 volunteer students who were in Faculty of Education printed free essay compositions and the compositions were evaluated by descriptive statistics and content analysis. Content analysis is to interpret similar data within specific contexts and themes. The students were free to choose their own writing topic. The reason for this is the possibility that the person writing in freelance writing is feeling...

Author(s): Bilge BAĞCI AYRANCI and Filiz METE

December 2017

Evaluation of use of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animations in mathematics education

This study investigates opinions of Grade 12 students about the use of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animations in mathematics lessons. It explores the ways of making mathematics easier and more understandable for students by demonstrating whether or not GIF animations that emerged from the integration of technology into mathematics education appeal to students both visually and educationally, and how mathematics...

Author(s): Esra Altintas, Şukru Iigun and Soner Kucuk

December 2017

Disciplinary lenses model: A new approach to collegiate-level general education

This work aims to study and promote a motivational model, Collegiate-level General Education that enhances students’ motivation to have self-fulfillment and inherent desire to acquire diverse knowledge. In this way, students would not see Collegiate-level General Education as an obstacle to their undergraduate education, but as a great and priceless opportunity for them to be generalist lifelong learners. The...

Author(s): Mohammad Makhmaltchi, Seyed Mahdi Sajjadi, Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast and Hashem Fardanesh

December 2017

Spanning professional and academic: The changing identity of professional administrators and managers in Hong Kong’s higher education context

This paper builds on Whitchurch’s notion of the ‘blended professional’ which aims to examine how mixed professional activity affects professional administrators and managers’ identity disposition in universities in Hong Kong. In response to complex missions and demands of contemporary higher education globally, diverse projected-oriented professional managers have emerged in universities and are...

Author(s): Cheng Tak-lai

December 2017

A study on the reduction of the depression level and improvement of the psychological adjustment level of university students through a counseling programme, using Beck's theories of depression

This study aims to investigate the reduction of university students' depression level as well as improvement of their psychological adjustment level through a counseling programme, using Beck's Theories of depression. The sample of this study was randomly selected, and categorized into two groups: experimental and control groups. The former consists of 15 students, who were counseled in a session per week, while...

Author(s): Ibraheem Malii and Basma Alshareef

December 2017

The aims and learning attainments of secondary and high school students attending science festivals: A case study

This study was conducted to determine the aims and learning attainments of secondary school and high school students participating in science festivals. A case study approach which is one of the qualitative research methods was used in the research. This study was carried out in the science festival held in Elazığ, Turkey. The sampling consists of 39 students; 19 secondary school students and 20 high school students...

Author(s): Gonca KEÇECİ

December 2017

Self-determined motivation, achievement goals and anxiety of economic and business students in Indonesia

Anxiety is a natural thing and can happen to everyone; it is a reaction to the inability to overcome problems or lack of security. However, excessive anxiety can impede one's function in life. Anxiety experienced by students can also hinder them in performing better. Setting goals that are difficult to achieve can cause students to experience anxiety or fear of not being able to achieve them. This study aims to...

Author(s): Dorothea Wahyu Ariani

December 2017

Teachers’ attitudes towards liquid crystal display (LCD) panel interactive board applications

This study determined the viewpoints of teachers from different branches on using the interactive boards placed in classrooms in high schools, which are expected to replace the classical boards in the context of FATIH Project by the Ministry of National Education. Single Review Model was used in the present study where 21 teachers participated from different branches of high schools and the installation of interactive...

Author(s): Eyup İZCİ and Volkan DARMAZ

November 2017

The use of Orff-based music activities for educational and therapeutic purposes with disadvantaged group of Romani children

"Romani people" are a disadvantaged group of people due to their socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. This situation makes them poor and thus cannot afford education. As Romani people have the tendency to love music, it is considered that music activities may encourage their children who generally have negative attitudes towards school to attend school systematically. Therefore, this work aims to...

Author(s): Bilgehan Eren and Gülnihal Gül

November 2017

Effectiveness of constructivist approach on academic achievement in science at secondary level

The present study investigated the effectiveness of constructivist approach on academic achievement in science at secondary level using pre-test, post-test, experimental and control group design, with 58 samples grouped as experimental group (29) and control group (29) on the basis of matching by intelligence test. The investigators conducted this experiment over three weeks by using both traditional and constructivist...

Author(s): Samaresh Adak

November 2017

Examining the behavior and thinking levels of secondary school students (6th-8th GRADES) towards the environment according to gender

The aim of this study is to examine the behavior and thinking levels of secondary school students towards the environment according to grade and gender. Relational screening model was used for the study. The sample includes a total of 958 (512 females and 446 males) secondary school students. Of the participants, 261 (27.2%) are in 6th grade, 461 (48.1%) are in 7th grade, and 236 (24.6%) are in 8th grade. The sample was...

Author(s): Nazmi Durkan

November 2017

Economics of quality education and paths leading into and out of quality education: Evidence from Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

The difference in economic development among nations entirely emanates from difference in human capital development as it is the priority pathway out of poverty, diverse socio-economic and environmental crises. Although, huge investment in human capital development has long been made, mere investment will never lead to quality labor force unless paths for quality education are well substantiated. This study identifies...

Author(s): Tsegaye Molla

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