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February 2018

Production of groups of tomatoes in substrate at different concentrations of phosphorus

The development of production technologies, such as greenhouses, was highlighted in the growth of horticultural crops. However, these products are often offered without basic instructions to farmers who can generate financial losses. One outstanding production technology is substrate cultivation, which would be very useful in the cultivation of protected plants. Like this, in order to evaluate the effects of different...

Author(s): Douglas José Marques, Tales Machado Lacerda, Wellington Ferrari da Silva, Márcio de Souza Dias and Hudson Carvalho Bianchini

February 2018

Two Peziza taxa (Peziza proteana f. proteana (Boud.) Seaver and Peziza proteana f. sparassoides (Boud.) Korf) new to Iraq and bordering countries

The present study reports two Peziza taxa (Pezizaceae/Ascomycota) collected from Al-Alam province in Salahadine Governorate, North Central Iraq, namely, Peziza proteana f. proteana and P. proteana f. sparassoides. Both taxa are reported for the first time from Iraq and for the second time from Asia (including countries bordering Iraq). These two forms of P. proteana are very similar microscopically but deviate...

Author(s): Talib O. Al-Khesraji

February 2018

Farm yield evaluation and demonstration of Melkashola tomato variety in central zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Low production and productivity of tomato in the study area is due to limited use of agricultural inputs, particularly improved seeds and fertilizers. The practice of tomato seed production in central zone of Tigray is almost negligible. The demand for vegetable seed is increasing from time to time. Though vegetable seed production is difficult, there are attempts and efforts to produce them at local level....

Author(s): Kassa Melese Ashebre

February 2018

Survey of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) diseases in major faba bean growing districts of North Gondar

Field survey was done in North Gondar during 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 cropping seasons with the objective of, assessing the importance of faba bean diseases. Disease severity varied across and within districts. Chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae), gall-forming (Olpidium viciae), rust (Uromyces fabae) and aschochyta blight (Aschochyta fabae) were the most dominate and frequently occurring diseases of faba bean. The highest...

Author(s): Anteneh Ademe, Yohannes Ebabuye, Mesganaw Gelaye, Solomon Gezachew and Getachew Telahun

February 2018

Global networking and the fate of family in Ethiopia

Globalization is largely the gift of networking. In global networking, Information Technology is the leading actor which plays a role of catalyst. The process of globalization is intensifying as different parts of the world are increasingly linked with one another as a result of this global networking. This article claims that while global networking has brought the people of the world, who are spatially far away...

Author(s): Belayneh Girma

February 2018

Women empowerment through ‘Abegar’ in South Wollo: A critical ethnography

It is the objective of this study to describe, explain and critically analyze the role of the traditional social practice of ‘Abegar’ to empower women in South Wollo, Ethiopia. Data were collected through participant observation, record of social events and in-depth interview. The study was conducted from April to June 2014 E.C. Five social events known as ‘Wodaja’ were recorded. The result of...

Author(s): Rukya Hassen

February 2018

Agricultural knowledge, source and information system in central highland of Ethiopia

The study aims to assess the effectiveness of the current agricultural information management system and communication, and the gap between required and available information to extension personnel at central highland of Ethiopia. Consulting with head of districts agricultural office, 5 to 6 farmers training center (FTC) from Welmera and Ejera districts were selected randomly. 92 development agents and eleven subject...

Author(s): Beliyu Limenih

February 2018

Smallholder farmers’ experiences of climate variability and change on pineapple production in Ghana: Examining adaptation strategies for improved production

Climate variability and change presents enormous risk to agricultural production globally due to the impacts on yields. While global scholarship on climate change impacts and adaptation measures on agriculture has been well-documented, little is known about climate and pineapple production. This study examined smallholder pineapple farmers experiences of climate variability and change on production, as well as ranked...

Author(s): Portia A. Williams, Reuben T. Larbi, Isaac Yeboah and Godfred K. Frempong

February 2018

Client satisfaction among private wing and regular health care services at Nekemte Referral Hospital, East Wollega Zone, Oromia regional state, Western Ethiopia: A comparative cross-sectional study, 2016

The level of client satisfaction with the services provided by the hospitals is one critical area that must be assessed continuously. There is the paucity of information on the comparison of the level of client satisfaction from regular and private wing services of public hospitals in Ethiopia. Thus, the current study aims to compare the level of clients’ satisfaction in the adult outpatient department among...

Author(s): Zalalem Kaba Babure, Fekadu Assefa Jiru and Tesfaye Dagne Weldemarium

February 2018

Meat quality and morphology to meet the patency of Menz sheep (Ovis aries) in North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia

The study was conducted to characterize meat quality and morphology of sheep in North Shewa Zone, and to generate baseline information on the patency of Menz sheep. A total of 720 sheep were purposely selected for morphological study. The result showed that age at first kidding, age at sexual maturity, weight, height, length, hair length, tail length and age at disposal were with a mean of 5.58 months, 4.55 months,...

Author(s): Said Mohammed, Tewodros Kelemu and Getachew Kassa

February 2018

Assessment of the problems associated with artificial insemination practices in Essera Woreda, Dawuro zone, Southern Ethiopia

This study was conducted to assess the problems associated with the artificial insemination service in Essera woreda of Dawuro zone, southern Ethiopia from December, 2016 to August, 2017. The study was conducted using questionnaire survey and records in targeted human and dairy cow’s population, respectively. There was no statistically significant association (P>0.05) in the conception and delivery of cows with...

Author(s): Fentaye Kassa and Wubshet Wuletaw

February 2018

Screening cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes for drought tolerance under screen house conditions in Malawi

Drought stress is a major factor decreasing cotton productivity in Malawi. To identify drought tolerant cultivars, a study was conducted in 2012 at Bunda College to evaluate the performance of 20 cotton genotypes under water stress conditions. A screen house pot experiment was carried out using a randomized complete block design and data were recorded on tap root length, lateral root number, fresh root weight, dry root...

Author(s): Jessie Mvula, James M. Bokosi, Venon Kabambe and Mackson H. P. Banda

February 2018

Determination, knowledge and prevalence of pregnancy-induced hypertension/eclampsia among women of childbearing age at Same District Hospital in Tanzania

Several risk factors including hypertension are common complications of pregnancy with preeclampsia particularly associated with substantial risk to both the mother and fetus. This cross-sectional study involving quantitative approach was conducted in Same District Hospital in Tanzania. Data were collected from all pregnant women in the hospital using questionnaires. Respondents’ knowledge on maternal mortality...

Author(s): Ejike Daniel Eze, Ambrose Barasa, Moses Dele Adams, Karimah Mohammed Rabiu, Iliya Ezekiel, Sheu Oluwadare Sulaiman and Nganda Ponsiano

February 2018

Auditory effects of noise and its prevalence among sawmill workers

Noise at work could be hazardous, particularly after prolonged period of exposure. Sources of noise include generators, grinding machines, loud music at home, religious houses and clubs. The objective of this study was to find the auditory effects of noise and its effects on sawmill workers. This is a prospective, community based study involving sawmill workers in Ile-Ife.  The prevalence of hearing loss was...

Author(s): Bright Otoghile, Paul Adekunle Onakoya and Confidence Chioma Otoghile

February 2018

Profile and management of community acquired pneumonia in a tertiary care hospital in Karachi

The objective of this study was to assess the demographic profile, severity of patient, co morbidity, length of stay (LOS) and management of community acquired pneumonia. The study was a prospective study and consist of 212 patients (>20 years of age) with community acquired pneumonia (CAP) hospitalized to the tertiary care hospital, situated in Karachi between 1st January, 2010 and 31st March, 2012. Information...

Author(s): Maqsood A. Khan, Zeb-un-nisa, Syed I. Ali, SadiaS. Kashif, Farya Zafar, Huma Ali, Rasheeda Fatima, Hafsa Sohail and Sarwat Jahan

February 2018

Vegetation studies of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) at three sites with varying levels of anthropogenic disturbances in the Southern Bakundu Forest Reserve, Cameroon

A study was carried out to evaluate the distribution, abundance and diversity of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in the Southern Bakundu Forest Reserve at the northern (Diffa), western (Bai Manya) and eastern (Mbalangi) parts of the reserve. NTFPs can be used as source of food, medicine, fuel wood and other socio-economic and cultural uses. Six belt-transects were use at each site to assess the distribution,...

Author(s): Egbe E. A. and Tsamoh T. T.  

February 2018

Species composition and relative abundance of medium and large mammals in Mengaza communal forest, East Gojjam, Ethiopia

Studies on the species composition, relative abundance and distribution of medium and large mammals were carried out from August 2015 to July 2016 in Mengaza communal forest. Data were collected using line transect technique. A total of twelve species of medium and large mammals were identified and recorded in the study area. Rock hyrax (Procavia capensis), porcupine (Hystrix cristata), honey badger (Mellivera...

Author(s): Getachew Atnafu and Mesele Yihune  

February 2018

The effect of inter cross-inoculation host group rhizobia on the growth and nitrogen fixation of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) varieties in North Showa, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) is one of the most widely cultivated leguminous crops grown in the Highlands of Ethiopian. This study was aimed at evaluating the effect of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv.viciae isolates from other cross-inoculation hosts from field pea, grass pea, and lentil on faba bean varieties. Thus, 12 isolates were selected from faba bean, field pea, grass pea and lentil using host trap method on soil...

Author(s): Amha Gebremariam and Fassil Assefa

February 2018

Tomato leafminer [(Tuta absoluta Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)] and its current ecofriendly management strategies: A review

Continue climatic changes in the world enhance the emergence of invasive agricultural insect pests. Tuta absoluta is one of the most devastating tomato leafminer and it spreads extensively in almost all parts of the world. It is a serious threat for tomato production and it results in highest damage. T. absoluta has fast growth rate with developmental stages of egg, larvae, pupa, and adult and it adapts to different...

Author(s): Birhan Aynalem

February 2018

Socio-demographic factors affecting HIV/AIDS in Kasungu District Malawi: A descriptive cross section study

More than 70 million people have been infected worldwide with the HIV virus from the start of the epidemic, and since then, nearly 35 million people have died of HIV. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most severely affected area, accounting for nearly 70% of the people living with HIV worldwide. Approximately 8.8% of women and men age 15 to 49 in Malawi are HIV positive. Socio-demographic factors affecting the HIV/AIDS...

Author(s): Jamie Yoon, Kunmin Kim, Subin Lim, David S. Chung, Sarah Lee, Rebecca Chung, and Seohyeon Park, James Kachingwe, and George Talama  

February 2018

Anticancer activities and safety evaluation of selected Kenyan plant extracts against breast cancer cell lines

Breast cancer is a leading cause of deaths among women suffering from cancer in Kenya. The current study was done to determine anticancer activities of medicinal plant extracts against breast cancer cell lines (HCC 1395 and 4T1). Vero cells were used for evaluation of safety of extracts. Thiazoly blue tetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay was used in this study. Reference drugs were 5 fluorouracil and cyclophosphamide....

Author(s): Onyancha Jared M., Gikonyo Nicholas K., Wachira Sabina W., Mwitari Peter G. and Gicheru Michael M.

February 2018

Predictors of HIV/AIDS preventive behavior among college students in Gambella town, Southwest Ethiopia using health belief model

Safer sex behaviors (sexual abstinence, correct and consistent condom usage) are important for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS among college students. The purpose of this article was to review studies addressing determinants of safer sex behaviors among college students. In Ethiopia little or no data existed on the preventive behaviors of HIV/AIDS among college students. Therefore, this study...

Author(s): Abraham Tamirat Gizaw, Getachew Kiros Abreha, Tesfaye Legesse and Hailemariam Hailesilassie

February 2018

Pharmacognosy and phytochemical standardization of Albizia Ferruginea (Guill and Perr) pulps

In Africa and Cameroon in particular, people tend to use medicinal plants as the first approach to cure their illness or disease. In order to improve the safety and the progressive integration of those plants in our health systems, it is important to set a system and protocol that would permit an easy characterization, quality and safety control of medicinal plants through a standardization of their recipes. Thus, we...

Author(s): Rose Ngono Mballa Abondo, Aude P´erine Minyem Ngombi, Joseph Ngoupayo, Bonaventure Ngadjui Tchaleu and Beyeme Fridoline-Victorine

February 2018

Diterpenes of the pimarane type isolated from Viguiera arenaria: Promising in vitro biological potential as therapeutic agents for endodontics

Viguiera arenaria, family Asteraceae, is a plant that contains diterpenoids, which make this species potentially applicable in endodontics. More specifically, V. arenaria contains diterpenes of the pimarane type, which display various classic biological activities. This study evaluates the antibiofilm activity, the time-kill curve, and the inhibitory concentration index of diterpenes of the pimarane type...

Author(s): Soraia Marangoni, Thais da S. Moraes, Susane H. Utrera, Luciana A. Casemiro, Maria G. M. de Souza, Pollyanna F. de Oliveira, Rodrigo C. S. Veneziani, Sérgio R. Ambrósio, Denise C. Tavares and Carlos H. G. Martins

February 2018

Evaluation of nutritional, anti-nutritional and some biochemical studies on Pleurotus squarrosulus (Mont.) singer using rats

Evaluation of nutritional, anti-nutritional and some biochemical studies on Pleurotus squarrosulus (Mont.) Singer using rats was undertaken with standard methods. Results of nutritional contents such as proximate composition revealed moisture (11.67%), crude protein (21.31%) and total carbohydrate (51.58%). Vitamin composition showed the presence of vitamins A (0.17 mg/kg), B2 (0.62 mg/kg), B3 (0.45 mg/kg), B6 (0.84...

Author(s): Duru Majesty, Nwadike Constance, Ezekwe Ahamefula, Nwaogwugwu Caleb, Eboagwu Ijeoma, Odika Prince, Njoku Samuel, and Chukwudoruo Chieme  

February 2018

Standing straight with the title, ‘As this miserable and fungus-like small plant becomes a big and favourite tree’ adapted from the Tcheonzamun poem (753rd to 768th lines)

The purpose of this study is to know the bi-language mask of Tcheonzamun expression; the real meaning. The researchers utilized two methods: interpretation through Korean pronunciation and  utilization of Chinese character.  The aim of this work is to explain in plain terms the title of this work, ‘As the miserable and fungus-like small plant becomes a big and favourite tree’.  The researchers...

Author(s): Hyeonhi R. Park, Jieun A. Kim, Kunjoo D. A. Kim, Jiah A. Kim, Sohwa T. Kim, Rosa Kim, Alain Hamon and Sangdeog A. Kim  

February 2018

Malaria-intestinal helminthes co-infection among patients in Wolkite Health Center and Attat Hospital, Gurage Zone, Southern Ethiopia

To initiate the prevention and control methods for overlapping distribution of intestinal helminthes and malaria, collecting adequate, updated and reliable information is required. Thus, the objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of Malaria-intestinal helminthes co-infection among patients attending Wolkite Health Center and Attat Hospital, Gurage Zone, Southern Ethiopia. Cross sectional parasitological...

Author(s): Ashenafi Teklemariam, Muley Alemseged and Samuel Adugna

February 2018

Cockroaches as carriers of human gastrointestinal parasites in Wolkite Town, southwestern Ethiopia

Cockroaches are considered as vectors of different diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and helminthes. The objective of this study was to examine the role of cockroaches as carriers of intestinal parasites in Wolkite town. Cockroaches were collected twice per month from five kebeles and 50 households, from March to April in 2016. A total of 209 cockroaches were collected in this study. In total, 157...

Author(s): Tsigereda Haile, Ashenafi T. Mariam, Seyoum Kiros and Zelalem Teffera  

February 2018

Short term effects of thinning on soil organic carbon fractions, soil properties, and forest floor in Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations

Forest management impacts on the soil carbon pool and soil properties. This study analyzed the changes of soil organic carbon (SOC) fractions, soil properties, and forest floor in a Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) plantation after two years of thinning in Eastern China. The experiment consisted of three thinning treatments: unthinned, moderate thinned (stand stem density reduced by approximately 21%), and heavy...

Author(s): Xiangrong Cheng, Mukui Yu and Zhengcai Li  

February 2018

Decentralisation and good governance in Africa: A critical review

This review essay outlines and discusses the conceptual and empirical dimensions of decentralisation in Africa. It examines the link between decentralisation, development and good governance. The essay contends that even if decentralisation has been embraced by several countries as an institutional reform capable of transforming intergovernmental relations, fiscal arrangements in local governments, increasing...

Author(s): Sabiti Makara  

February 2018

Repositioning business education programme for post-oil boom economy

The main purpose of this research was to assess the current position of business education; the need to reposition business education for post oil-boom economy; and the possibilities of repositioning business education for post oil-boom economy. A total of 132 business educators from universities and colleges of education in Edo and Delta States participated in this study. Survey design was employed as the data...

Author(s): James Edomwonyi Edokpolor and Christian Oduma

February 2018

Flooding in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Gathering lessons learned and perceptions at the community level of the NGOs extended shelter intervention program

Over the past few years, the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have helped communities remarkably to respond to and recover from the impact of natural hazards like floods in Pakistan. Compared to the previous natural disasters, 2010 floods were the most devastating and the challenges through relief aid were more significant for the affected families and communities. The purpose of this paper is to gather lesson...

Author(s): Ashfaq Ahmad Shah, Nasir Abbas Khan, Nur Nabi, A.K.M. Kanak Pervez, Siba Kolin Koivogui, and Abdou Matsalabi Ado

February 2018

The Ivorian Debt: Should we worry?

The objective of this paper is to shed light on Cote d’Ivoire’s indebtedness and see to what extent, the country’s current level of debt is worrisome. This research is parametric using a time series data spanning from 1970 to 2015 to investigate the debt and growth nexus. After investigating the time series characteristics of the data, it was found that the variables were I(1) and co-integrated....

Author(s): N&#;Zue Felix Fofana  

February 2018

Building the capability of non-formal education teachers to develop a learning society for promoting lifelong education in Thailand

This study aims to study Thai non-formal education teachers’ perceptions of their opportunities to obtain knowledge about the learning society; identify the knowledge of non-formal education teachers need about the learning society which could be obtained through a distance learning package; and to develop and evaluate distance learning package on the learning society for the non-formal education teachers. The...

Author(s): Sumalee Sungsri  

February 2018

Combining indigenous wisdom and academic knowledge to build sustainable future: An example from rural Africa

The paper presents the premise that sustainable development in Africa is only possible when it involves a bottom-up approach and brings in a multitude of local endeavors. In order for this to occur, community knowledge bases must be captured and utilized. This is shown here by using the case example of a community in Northern Ghana where a new college has been set up in the midst of a rural environment. The preliminary...

Author(s): Bardy Roland, Arthur Rubens and Helen Akolgo Azupogo

February 2018

Teacher centered dominated approaches: Their implications for today’s inclusive classrooms

This study is an exploration on the kind of approaches teachers use in their schools and/or classrooms to deliver instruction in inclusive classrooms particularly whether or not learners who have LD benefit from these approaches. Six primary schools in urban, semi-urban and rural areas were randomly selected and data was collected through classroom observations, interviews and document analysis. Fourteen participants...

Author(s): Otukile-Mongwaketse Mpho  

February 2018

Degradation of perchlorate using green method: Mechanism and kinetic process

This work analyzes the degradation of toxic perchlorate from wastewater and its conversion to non-toxic chloride ion through nano-scale zero valent iron (nZVI) coating. To prevent its agglomeration and to provide the required stabilization and more removal efficiency, it was coated with various coating agents which are co-friendly (green agents) and inexpensive. At first, nZVI was synthesized using green method....

Author(s): Azam Ghavi and Ali Reza Zarei  

February 2018

Accurate expert deception detection: Faulty premises in Vrij et al. (2015)

This essay is a rejoinder to a commentary by Vrij et al. (2015) that was critical of Levine et al.’s (2014) experiments showing exceptionally high deception detection accuracy by expert interrogators. We contend that highly accurate deception detection is possible under conditions where contextualized communication content is diagnostic and where an interrogator is allowed to actively solicit honest confessions....

Author(s): Timothy R. Levine and  J. Pete Blair

February 2018

Effect of red beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) intake on the level of some hematological tests in a group of female volunteers

The plant kingdom constitutes a source of new chemical compounds which may be important owing to their potential use in medicine and other applications. This study discussed the effect of taking 8 g of beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) for 20 days on the blood samples of female volunteers where the hemoglobin levels before and after the study was recorded. The results showed mild increase in hemoglobin readings, decrease in...

Author(s): Nora M. Al-aboud  

February 2018

Lightning generation correlation with widespread irrigation and means of protection

India’s lightning fatalities correlate with her spatial extent of water bodies. Evaporation from reservoirs and irrigated lands provides moisture for cloud formation. Hot and humid air flowing overland can rise over mountains where it expands under reduced pressure, cools down to promote condensation in contact with sea salt, dust particles, soot from forest fires, bacteria, etc. Agitation within the cloud leads...

Author(s): Miah M. Adel  

February 2018

Evidence for enhanced chlorophyll-a levels in the Bay of Bengal during early north-east monsoon

To understand the chlorophyll-a distribution in the neritic waters of the northern Indian Ocean, which comprises the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east, seawater samples were collected during early north-east monsoon season (November, 2008). The column integrated chlorophyll-a over the Arabian Sea and the North Bay of Bengal exhibit high concentrations. However, the southernmost station (0806)...

Author(s): R. Bhushan, S. Bikkina, J. Chatterjee, S. P. Singh, V. Goswami, L. C. Thomas and A. K. Sudheer  

February 2018

Appraisal of the impact of the gender of household heads on housing condition in Egbeda-Iragbiji, Osun State, Nigeria

Housing is one of the basic needs of man, unarguably the third after food and clothing. It accounts for the social, cultural and economic value of a society; hence, quality housing is desired by all individuals. However, the rural areas have long been battling with challenges associated with condition and quality of housing. It is of note that many researchers have accounted for several factors affecting housing...

Author(s): Adebisi Ilelabayo Ismail, Okeyinka Yetunde Ronke and Ayinla Abdulrasaq Kunle

February 2018

Analysis of physico-chemical properties and heavy metals content of drinking water from selected areas in Gurage Zone, Ethiopia

Metal contamination in water is a major determinant of water quality. People who consume this water suffer from water borne diseases. There are various natural and anthropological activities at the sample collection site leading to increase in concentration of trace elements in drinking water. Activities like corrosion of metal coated pipes, herbicides, insecticides, ceramic wastes, taking gravel from near water source,...

Author(s): Sage Desalegn, Lera Israel and Kebede Wouduma  

February 2018

Determination of the economic threshold level of tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) on tomato plant under glasshouse conditions

Tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera:Gelechiidae) is an important pest of tomato crops native to South America. It is considered to be one of the major pests of tomato crop in Ethiopia since 2012. The aim of this study was to determine the economic threshold level of T. absoluta under glasshouse conditions. The damage potential and economic threshold level for T. absoluta larvae on tomato crop were...

Author(s): Tadele Shiberu and Emana Getu

February 2018

Predictors of institutional delivery service utilization, among women of reproductive age group in Dima District, Agnua zone, Gambella, Ethiopia

Institutional delivery reduces the risk of complications and infections of the mother and newborn baby. There was inadequate information in the study area that this study intended to provide. The study assessed institutional delivery and predictors in Gambella, Ethiopia. A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted on 798 subjects from February 1 to June 15, 2017 among reproductive age group women who gave...

Author(s): Serawit Mekonnen Jinka, Legesse Tadesse Wodajo and Gebi Agero

February 2018

Extraction of high quality RNA from hard tissues of adult coconut palms

An experimental protocol originally designed to isolate plant DNA was modified to obtain high quality total RNA from organs of adult coconut palms collected in situ. With this protocol, high quality RNA was extracted from leaves, inflorescences, primary and secondary roots, zygotic embryos and solid endosperm, with no carbohydrate or protein contamination. Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)...

Author(s): Ramón Souza-Perera, Nelson Torres-Hernández and José Juan Zúñiga-Aguilar

February 2018

Shell morphology and the radula structures of two closely related bulinid snails intermediate host of Schistosoma haematobium in Nigeria

Bulinid snails act as intermediate host of schistosomes and the presence of the snail gives schistosomiasis an expansive characteristics. Schistosomiasis is of medical and veterinary importance in the tropical and subtropical regions. The shell shape and structure of radula teeth of bulinids are often specific to a species or genus, and are widely used for gastropod species identification. Bulinid species collected from...

Author(s): Opeyemi Gbenga Oso and Alexander Bababunmi Odaibo

February 2018

Effect of water deficit at different stages of development on the yield components of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) genotypes

Cowpea cultivation is widespread in West Africa where it is an important source of protein. This study is aimed at determining the effects of water deficit applied at different stages of cowpea development on yield and its components (pod number, seed number, seed yield, aerial biomass yield, harvest index and root biomass of the plant). The experiments were carried out in pots during the rainy season of 2016 under...

Author(s): TOUDOU DAOUDA Abdoul Karim, ATTA Sanoussi, INOUSSA Maman Maârouhi, HAMIDOU Falalou and BAKASSO Yacoubou  

February 2018

Maximizing L-glutaminase production from marine Bacillus subtilis JK-79 under solid state fermentation

L-Glutaminase is majorly produced by microorganism including bacteria, yeast and fungi. It mainly catalyzes the hydrolysis of gamma-amido bond of L-glutamine. In the present investigation, the potent marine isolate, Bacillus subtilis JK-79 producing L-glutaminase was evaluated for the maximum L-glutaminase production by solid state fermentation (SSF). In this context, different agro-industrial residues reported in...

Author(s): Jambulingam Kiruthika, Nachimuthu Saraswathy and Saranya Murugesan

February 2018

Quality of groundwater in Valikamam area, Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka

The Jaffna Peninsula depends largely on groundwater resources for domestic as well as agricultural purposes. On several instances, it was pointed out that the groundwater is deteriorating due to overuse and is polluted by excessive usage of agrochemical, fertilizers, waste oil and improper sewage disposal. Hence, an experimental study was undertaken to assess the analysis of groundwater quality. To achieve this, water...

Author(s): V. Jeevaratnam, S. Balakumar, T. Mikunthan and M. Prabaharan  

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