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March 2018

The effect of Thymus vulgaris on growth and biofilm formation of uropathogenic Escherichia coli

Currently, a problem related to public health is resistance to antibiotics because bacteria have been identified to be resistant. It has been reported that bacteria have developed resistance mechanisms to evade the effect of drugs, especially antibiotics. A resistance mechanism to antibiotics is biofilm formation. The biofilms are microbial communities embedded in an extracellular polymeric matrix and are ubiquitous in...

Author(s): Flores-Encarnación M., Nava-Nolazco R. M., Aguilar-Gutiérrez G. R., Carreño-López R. and García-García S. C.  

March 2018

Thermal, physical and chemical analysis of Eisenia andrei flour for supplementary diet

The search for sources of animal feed has been well-regarded for farmers. In spite of this, the objective of this study was to show the thermal, physical and chemical properties of earthworms flour from Eisenia andrei for supplementary food for animals. The species was studied by simultaneous thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, combustion calorimetry, moisture, ash, fat, protein, carbohydrate...

Author(s): Wagner M. Carlesso, Rosecler Ribeiro, Taciélen Altmayer, Jordana Finatto, Maira C. Martini, Débora T. Brietske, Tamara E. Gonçalves, Matheus Scheibel, Aline Camini, Fernando J. M. Kuffel, Cassiano R. Brandt, Henrique P. Etgeton, Daniel Kuhn, Maria C. Dallazen, Éder M. M. Flores, Simone Stulp, Eduardo M. Ethur, Elisete M. de Freitas and Lucélia Hoehne

March 2018

Efficacy of two probiotics in the control of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in experimentally infected lambs

This study was designed to determine the efficacy of probiotics mixture in the control of Shiga-toxin Escherichia coli (STEC) O157:H7 in experimentally infected lambs. Fifteen Yankassa breed of lambs aged between 3-4 weeks old were used. The lambs were divided into three groups of five lambs each (n=5).  Group A: Neither probiotics nor STEC O157:H7 were administered (control), Group B: lambs were administered...

Author(s): Kingsley Chineto Anyika, Solomon Olu Okaiyeto, Shehu Na’allah Saidu and Gabriel Ogbaji Ijale  

March 2018

Potassium phosphite reduction of Candidatus Liberibacter spp. population on leaves of 'Ponkan' tangerines tree with huanglongbing

The objective of this work was to evaluate the population variation dynamics of Candidatus Liberibacter spp. under phosphite applications. The 'Ponkan' tangerines (Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. Ponkan) with symptoms and a high degree of huanglongbing (HLB) severity were used for the test. 'Ponkan' tangerine plants were treated with potassium phosphite leaf applications at a dose of 2.5 L ha-1....

Author(s): Rener Luciano de Souza Ferraz, Marcelo de Andrade Barbosa, Maria José Araújo Wanderley, Patrícia da Silva Costa, Ivomberg Dourado Magalhães, Aldair de Souza Medeiros, Hugo Miranda Faria, Vinicius Marchioro, Alberto Soares de Melo and Franklin Alves dos Anjos  

March 2018

Evidence of curtovirus competition and synergy in co-infected plant hosts

Curtoviruses, members of the Geminiviridae, have wide host ranges, including weeds and crops and are often found in mixed infections of different strains. While other members of the Geminiviridae have been demonstrated to interact through competition and synergism in mixed infections in plants, either type of interaction has not been reported in curtoviruses. This research used qPCR to study the interactions between...

Author(s): Stephen A. Peinado Jr., Jorge Achata Böttger, Li-Fang Chen, Robert Gilbertson and Rebecca Creamer  

March 2018

Maximize the mobile learning interaction through project-based learning activities

Mobile learning implementation at school is a must and meets what students currently need. To facilitate those conditions, teachers also need to have competencies in managing online learning. This research is a descriptive research to find out the experience of students who are prospective teachers when attending the mobile learning course supporting Moodle open source application on the topic of ‘designing online...

Author(s): Dwi Sulisworo and I Wayan Santyasa  

March 2018

A study on young Turkish students’ living thing conception

The aim of this study is to find out young Turkish students’ opinions about living thing concept in detail and to investigate the criteria used by the students to define this concept. The study sample consisted of randomly selected 140 students studying at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in four different primary and middle schools located in the western part of Turkey. The data of the study were collected with the...

Author(s): Sami ÖZGÜR  

March 2018

An evaluation of Global Zakat Game (GZG) as edutainment board game in enhancing Zakat education in Malaysia

Board games have become one of the useful tools in teaching and learning. Many instructors and educators have chosen to use board games to enhance the way of delivering course contents. A board game will help students understand the education concept quickly and get involved in experiential learning, where students can manage and solve problems in an actual situation. This study will focus on the evaluation of a board...

Author(s): Azman Ab. Rahman, Muhammad Sabri Sahrir, Nurkhamimi Zainuddin and Hasanah Abd. Khafidz

March 2018

Perceptions and clustering of Greek farmers on the new CAP: Opportunity or threat?

This study aims to highlight the problems of the Greek agriculture and to identify the level of information that the farmers have regarding the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Here, primary data were collected from in-depth interviews (structured questionnaire) with 241 farmers in the region of Thessaly-Greece. The study was conducted in November 2016, within the geographical boundaries of the Region of Thessaly. The...

Author(s): George Theodossiou, Christos Karelakis and Apostolos Goulas  

March 2018

Cotton growth in response to water supply in red Latosol cerrado

There are few studies that demonstrate the influence of water stress in biometric variables and cotton growth. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate different levels of water supply in the BRS 2 cotton growth, in the field of Campus Rio Verde - GO, in 2015. Experimental design used was randomized blocks, with three replications in a split-plot scheme of 5 x 4 with five water replacements (WR) (25, 50, 75,...

Author(s): Vitor Marques Vidal, Frederico Antonio Loureiro Soares, Marconi Batista Teixeira, Fernando Nobre Cunha, Leonardo Nazário Silva dos Santos, Cicero Teixeira Silva Costa, Giovani Santos Moraes, Washington Bezerra, Gustavo da Silva Vieira, Wilker Alves Morais, Aurélio Ferreira Melo, Ana Carolina Oliveira Horschutz, Jenifer Kelly Ferreira dos Santos, Igor Olacir Fernandes Silva and Leandro Spíndola Pereira

March 2018

Diversity of insects in conventional and organic tomato crops (Solanum lycopersicum L., solanaceae)

This study aims to compare the diversity and relative abundance of insect families collected in organic and conventional tomato production systems located in Alagoas, Northeast Brazil (09°81'76"S and 36°59'42"W). In this region, the visible spectrum is quite broad with sunlight throughout the year. Between rows of tomato plants, we set up a system of colored traps colored blue, yellow, white,...

Author(s): Rubens Pessoa de Barros, Ligia Sampaio Reis, Isabelle Cristina Santos Magalhães, Miriany de Oliveira Pereira, Ana Cleia Barbosa de Lira, Claudio Galdino da Silva, Jaciara Maria Pereira e Silva, João Gomes da Costa and Elio Cesar Guzzo

March 2018

Efficacy of Xylopia aethiopica ethanolic and aqueous extracts on the control of Sitophilus oryzae in stored rice grain

Stored product insects reduced the quantity, quality, nutritive value and viability of stored crops such as maize, sorghum, wheat and rice. These pests and many others threaten food security. The study investigated the efficacy of Xylopia aethiopica in the control of Sitophilus oryzae on stored rice. The extracts of this plant were made using ethanol and aqueous as solvent and prepared at the concentrations of 3, 6, 8...

Author(s): Ekeh F. N., Odo G. E., Nzei J., Ngozi E., Ohanu C. and Onuoha O.

March 2018

Effects of lime, vermicompost and chemical P fertilizer on yield of maize in Ebantu District, Western highlands of Ethiopia

Integrated use of lime with organic and chemical fertilizers is considered as a good approach for sustainable crop production under acidic soils. Vermicompost (VC) and chemical phosphorus (P) fertilizer when used with lime play a vital role in enhancing productivity of acidic soils. Field experiments were conducted for two consecutive cropping seasons of 2015 and 2016 to evaluate the effects of lime, VC and chemical P...

Author(s): Abdissa Bekele, Kibebew Kibret, Bobe Bedadi, Tesfaye Balemi and Markku Yli-Halla

March 2018

Anti-hemolytic and reduction of lipid peroxidation capacities of Detarium microcarpum Guill. and Perr. fruits

This study was designed to investigate the ability of ethanol fruit extract from Detarium microcarpum to protect erythrocytes against hemolysis and lipid peroxidation. To achieve this objective, hemolytic, anti-hemolytic and lipid peroxidation from cell membrane assays were used. Hemolytic and anti-hemolytic activities (regarding H2O2 induced hemolysis) were assessed by determination of free haemoglobin at 540 nm....

Author(s): Ablassé Rouamba, Moussa Compaoré and Martin Kiendrebeogo  

March 2018

In vitro evaluation of antiasthmatic activity of ethanol leaf extract of Guiera senegalensis j. F. GMEL (Combretaceae)

Guiera senegalensis is a medicinal plant that is widely used in West Africa against many illnesses. In this work, the antiasthmatic properties of ethanol leaf extract of the G. senegalensis were evaluated by using various in vitro animal models. In vitro models like isolated guinea pig tracheal chain preparation, isolated guinea pig ileum and rabbit jejunum preparations were studied to evaluate possible mechanism by...

Author(s): Basheer A. Z. Chedi and Faruk K. Mandawari  

March 2018

Food additives and their health effects: A review on preservative sodium benzoate

Food additives are widely used by the food industry to increase the product shelf life and/or attribute as well as enhance certain characteristics of particular foods, which are often lost during processing. With the advent of modern life, more and more additives have been employed by the food industry. Despite their wide use, they are substances that may cause adverse reactions like any other drug. This study aimed to...

Author(s): Bruna G. O. Linke, Thais A. C. Casagrande and Lígia A. C. Cardoso

March 2018

Antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifeedant activity of phenolic compounds accumulated in Hyoscyamus muticus L.

Hyoscyamus muticus is an endangered desert plant spread in the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East deserts. The methanol extract of the aerial parts of H. muticus grown in the arid zones in the Northern regions of Saudi Arabia were subjected to primary phytochemical analysis which revealed the presence of phenolic compounds, flavonoids, tannins and sterols, the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis of...

Author(s): Eman Ramadan Elsharkawy, Abdelaziz Ed-dra, Emad Mohamed Abdallah and Ahmed M. H. Ali,

March 2018

Production of rice cereal-based Kefir beverage

The aim of the present research was to evaluate the use of the sugary Kefir grains as a starter culture for new rice cereal-based Kefir beverage. Fermentation was performed by inoculating Kefir grains in rice extract. Flasks containing Kefir grains and substrates were statically incubated at 28°C for 24 h. The microbiota of sugary Kefir grains and rice cereal-based Kefir beverage were genera Lactobacillus,...

Author(s): Karina Teixeira Magalhães-Guedes, Uéllina Silva Souza, Marcia Regina Silva, Ferlando Lima Santos and Itaciara Larroza Nunes

March 2018

Agronomic evaluation and web blight resilience of common bean genotypes in the littoral region of Ecuador

Common bean is very important in the daily diet of Ecuadorians. Web blight (Rhizoctonia solani (Kuhn) is the major constraint faced by common bean farmers in Ecuador and everywhere in the world, causing high losses of yield grain every year. A constant selection of genotypes with excellent productive and resilience to disease features in each region is presented as a potential solution to these problems. The present...

Author(s): Ronald Villamar-Torres,, Luis Godoy Montiell , , Julio Muñoz-Rengifo, , Samir Zambrano Montes, Seyed Mehdi Jazayeri, Naga Raju Maddela, , Luis Alcivar Torres, Alexis Matute Matute, Marcos Heredia Pinos, Ousseini Issaka Salia and Felipe Garcés-Fiallos,

March 2018

Impact of clarification process on the nutritional, mineral and vitamin composition of cashew (Anacardium occidentale) apple juice

This study investigates the impact of clarification process on the nutritional, mineral and vitamin composition of the cashew apple juice. The proximate composition in percentage for moisture, dry matter, ash, crude fibre, ether extract, crude protein and carbohydrate were determined in line with the recommended methods of Association of Official Analytical Chemist (AOAC), and vitamin profile was analysed using Gas...

Author(s): Ukonze J. A., Ogu E., Onu F. M., Dimelu I., Ifeanyieze F. O. and Ejiofor T. E.

March 2018

Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) growing in Ethiopia are nodulated by diverse rhizobia

A total of eighty one (81) rhizobial isolates were recovered from root nodules of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) and groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) grown in soils collected from eight different sites (Hawassa, Wondogenet, Chofa, Badawacho, Bodity, Gofa, Ziway, and Alemtena) in Ethiopia with no known history of inoculation. The test isolates together with seven reference strains belonging to five genera including...

Author(s): Tulu Degefu, Endalkachew Wolde-meskel, Zikie Ataro, Asnake Fikre, Tilahun Amede and Chris Ojiewo  

March 2018

Virulence and antimicrobial susceptibility profile of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from frozen vegetables available in the Egyptian market

Listeria monocytogenes is among the most important foodborne pathogens. It may enter food-processing environments through raw materials, handlers or equipment and may persist due to ineffective cleaning or sanitation. The bacterium can be isolated from both frozen vegetables and fresh food substances. This study aimed to estimate the prevalence of L. monocytogenes in spices and frozen vegetables and screen for some...

Author(s): Rasha I. Mohamed , Mohamed A. Abdelmonem and Heba M. Amin

March 2018

Prevalence and virulence determinants of Escherichia coli isolated from raw cow's milk

Raw milk plays an important role in the survival and transport of pathogenic bacteria including Escherichia coli strains. This study was performed to determine the existence of E. coli in raw milk intended for human consumption and its associated virulence determinants. In this context, a total of 232 milk samples were obtained from different dairy shops located at Mansoura city and its surrounding villages. Milk...

Author(s): Gamal Younis, Amal Awad and Reem Ghabour  

March 2018

Genotypic detection of the virulence factors of uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from diarrheic and urinary tract infected patients in Khartoum State, Sudan

This study aimed to identify some important virulence factors, including pap, fim, sfa, aer and hly genes, typical of uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) in isolates collected from diarrheic and urinary tract infected patients in Khartoum State by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay. A total of 100 clinical specimens (50 urine and 50 diarrhea) were collected. Samples were cultured and identified by...

Author(s): Husam Eldin M. Hassan, Hisham N. Altayb, Mogahid M. El Hassan, and Miskelyemen A. Elmekki,  

March 2018

Acute toxicity and gastric anti-ulcer activity of an aqueous extract of the leaves of Macaranga barteri Müll.Arg (Euphorbiaceae) on rat models

Gastro-duodenal ulcers are diseases that constitute a major public health problem all over the world and particularly in Côte d'Ivoire. The aim of this study was to evaluate the acute toxicity and gastric anti-ulcer activity of an aqueous extract of the leaves of Macaranga barteri (AEMb). Acute toxicity was carried out using the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines 420. The...

Author(s): EHILE Ehilé Hervé, GOZE Nomane Bernard, KOUAKOU Kouakou Léandre, YAPO Angoué Paul and EHILE Ehouan Etienne

March 2018

Characterization and classification of salt affected soils and irrigation water in Tendaho sugarcane production farm, North-Eastern Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Considerable area of land is becoming unproductive every year because of salinity and sodicity in lowlands of Ethiopia. For sound land use and irrigation water management, it is a paramount important to know the chemical composition of soils and irrigation water. Therefore, the study was aimed to evaluate the physicochemical properties of soils and irrigation water of Tendaho sugarcane production farm, located in...

Author(s): Mulat Asmamaw, Ashenafi Haile, and Gezai Abera,  

March 2018

Effect of poultry litter biochar on Ultisol physical properties

A study was carried out to investigate the effect of biochar produced from the pyrolysis of poultry litter feedstock in some of the physical properties of a Yellow Red Argisol eutrophic typical (Ultisol), located in the municipality Lagoa Seca, State of Paraiba, Brazil, that is, granulometric analysis,  bulk density, porosity and available water capacity. Six doses of biochar (0; 10; 15; 20; 25 and 30 ton ha-1)...

Author(s): Lúcia Helena Garófalo Chaves, Washington Benevenuto de Lima, Iêde de Brito Chaves, Josué da Silva Buriti, Marcos Vinicius Lia Fook and José William de Lima Souza  

March 2018

Phosphorus adsorption and its relationship to the physical and chemical characteristics with different soil classes

In order to determine the characteristics of phosphorus adsorption using the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms and its relationship with some of the chemical and physical properties of soils, a study was developed at the Embrapa Soil Laboratory with soil samples (0 - 30 cm) from four classes of topsoil: Orthic Chromic Luvisols, Eutrophic Cambisols, Fluvic Neossol and Eutrophic Cambisols Typical. The hyperbolic model of...

Author(s): José Félix de Brito Neto, Leonardo Theodoro Bull, André Luiz Pereira da Silva, Cláudio Silva Soares and Joaquim Alves de Lima Junior  

March 2018

Wet bulb dimensions associated with different flow and terrain declivity

Geometry information of wet bulb is important for the design of projects and management of drip irrigation, mainly to estimate the volume of wet soil, emitter flows and irrigation time. This study aims to determine the dimensions of wet bulb formed by drippers with different flow and terrain declivities. For this, soil moisture levels were determined throughout the soil profile after drip irrigation with three flow...

Author(s): José Antonio R. Souza, Débora A. Moreira, Leandro C. Salomão, Fernando F. Cunha, Renan S. Pedroso, Ellen L. Silva, Janine M. Gonçalves, João G. F. Rezende, João V. C. Costa and Jamerson F. Silva Filho

March 2018

Nitrogen fertilization applied through drip fertigation and broadcasted in blueberry crop

The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of nitrogen fertilization on the blueberry crop throughout three consecutive years with different rates and ways of fertilizer application. The experiment was carried out in a commercial orchard located at the county of Vacaria-RS, in Southern Brazil utilizing the blueberry cultivar ‘Bluecrop’. The treatments consisted of the broadcasted nitrogen rates:...

Author(s): Leonardo Oliboni do Amaral, Elaine Damiani Conte, Lucas De Ross Marchioretto, Endrigo Soares Golin and Diego da Rocha Cavaletti  

February 2018

Service availability and readiness assessment of maternal and child health services using the WHO tool in Kapasia and Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur District in Bangladesh

The world is making significant progress in reducing the number of women and children dying from preventable causes. Bangladesh is also on track. The objective of this study was to strengthen maternal and child health service delivery in Kapasia and Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur district using SARA tool. The present assessment was a cross-sectional quantitative assessment. This evaluation was performed between January 2015...

Author(s): Mohammad Rashedul Islam and AKM Nazrul Haider

February 2018

Intra and inter specific genetic divergence of termites species based on ISSR markers and 28S rDNA sequences

The comprehensive analysis of five identified and two unknown termite species with their binary scores of three markers viz., morphological, ISSR scoring and 28s rDNA sequence has been made to reveal in unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA) cluster that Trinervitermes biformis (Wasmann) is out grouped with 35.7% of dissimilarity with other species; Odontotermes obesus (Rambur) and Odontotermes...

Author(s): Ballagere Puttaraju Harini and Muduvadi Krishnamurthy Pranesh

February 2018

Ethnobotany and population structure of Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Delile in Sahelian zone of Cameroon

Indigenous tree species have multiple functions and the strong pressure exerted on them threatens their populations. The study aims to investigate the main uses of Balanites aegyptiaca and assess its population structure in the Sahelian zone of Cameroon. The study was carried out using ethnobotanical and quantitative ecological methods. The results showed that the species is multipurpose and produces six different...

Author(s): Hamawa Yougouda, Tchatchoua Tchapda Dorothy, Arbonnier Michel and Mapongmetsem Pierre Marie

February 2018

Hunting of Preuss’s red colobus (Procolobus preussi) in Korup National Park, Cameroon

This study was carried out in Korup Region to investigate the reasons for hunting preuss’s red colobus (PRC) in Korup National Park (KNP) Cameroon in order to contribute to its sustainable management. Questionnaires (open and closed end) were used to gather personal information from hunters on different hunting tactics, reasons for hunting PRC and threats to this species in KNP for a period of one month (January...

Author(s): Sylvie Nguedem Fonkwo, Mpoame Mbida, Tsi Evaristus Angwafo and Valentine Buh Ebua

February 2018

Impacts of waste on macroinvertebrate assemblages of Msimbazi River, Tanzania

The status of waste and its impact on macroinvertebrate assemblages along Msimbazi River was assessed between May 2014 and August 2014. The aim was to identify the type of waste, their potential sources, and the assemblage of macroinvertebrate taxa that have been affected by waste disposal in the river. The study involved field study and laboratory analysis. Results indicated that organic and inorganic waste are the...

Author(s): Moses Joel Shimba, , Isabela Thomas Mkude and Fredrick Ekow Jonah

February 2018

Validation of the use of spectrophotometer (WYD iodine checker) for the determination of iodine in food salt

The iodine content in food salt is generally determined qualitatively using rapid test kits or quantitatively by iodometric titration (reference method). Spectrophotometric analysis is one of the recent developed quantitative methods, which has the advantage of being simple, robust and more convenient for the laboratory technician. However, there are few comparative studies between this method and the reference method....

Author(s): Carmelle Mizehoun-Adissoda,, Victoire Agueh, Achille Yemoa, Boris Segla, Florence Alihonou, Roger Gérard Jossè, Dismand Houinato, Jean-Claude Desport, and André Bigot

February 2018

Shelf life and quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) fruits as affected by different Packaging Materials

Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) is one of the most widely cultivated and extensively consumed horticultural crops in Ethiopia. Tomato has a limited shelf life at ambient conditions, is highly perishable fruit and it changes continuously after harvesting. There are many postharvest technologies that extend the marketable life of fruits and vegetables. The study was to evaluate the effect of packing materials on...

Author(s): Ashenafi Haile,

February 2018

Helminthiasis and chronic suppurative otitis media in Ijoun Community in Ogun State, Nigeria

This study, carried out in a rural community in Ogun state Nigeria, aims to determine the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminths, bacteria causing Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM), and their coinfection among school-aged participants. Formol-ether sedimentation technique was used to check for helminth eggs in stool samples. Ear swabs collected were cultured on chocolate, blood and MacConkey agar plates. CD4+T...

Author(s): Z. A. Abdullahi, O. A. Morenikeji, A. A. Adeyemo and V. O. Ogunleye

February 2018

Assessment of dairy farmers’ hygienic milking practices and awareness on cattle milk-borne zoonoses in Bishoftu, Ethiopia

A cross-sectional study was conducted in Bishoftu town, Ethiopia, from November, 2016 to April, 2017, to assess smallholder urban dairy farmers’ milk hygiene practices and awareness on cattle milk-borne zoonoses. Data were collected from a total of 100 randomly selected dairy farmers using structured questionnaire. The results of the study showed that all respondents practiced hand milking, with twice (90%), once...

Author(s): Lencho Getechew Kebede and Seblewongel Ayichew Megerrsa

February 2018

Economic analysis of duck eggs incubation using hot spring as heat source

The economic analysis of a manual and automatic turning hot spring incubator developed at the University of the Philippines-Los Baňos, Laguna Province, Philippines, was studied by comparing its performance with the conventional electrical incubator. This research can help small-scale farmers by reducing operational cost and increasing profitability. To determine the feasibility, undiscounted and discounted measures were...

Author(s): Anthony J. Taplah Jr., Delfin C. Suministrado, Rossana Marie C. Amongo,  Fernando O. Paras Jr., Jessie C. Elauria and David P. Tokpah

February 2018

Study on veterinary antibiotic drugs handling and utilization in and around Holeta

A cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the antibiotics drug handling and utilization practices of the animal owners from November 2016 to April 2017. A total of 384 randomly selected animal owners in and around Holeta were interviewed using semi-structured questionnaires. Most of the respondents (animal owners) were educated (59.4%), whereas less than half of them (40.6%) were uneducated. The prevalence on the...

Author(s): Seblewongel Ayichew Megerrsa and Taddesa Bezu Ashine

February 2018

Effect of research and development on agricultural sector growth in the East African community

This study empirically examined the effect of research and development on agricultural sector growth in East African Community from the year 2000-2014. According to the endogenous growth theory, research and development leads to increase in the stock of knowledge which in turn has got spill over effects hence leads to economic growth. However, little is known on the effect of R&D on the agricultural sector in the...

Author(s): Lawrence Were Ouru, Lawrence Kibet, Aquilars Kalio and Naftaly Mose

February 2018

Use of a warrantage system to face rural poverty and hunger in the semi-arid area of Burkina Faso

It is widely believed that limited access of small scale farmers to agricultural credit is one of the key causes of rural poverty and a major constraint to adoption of innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the early 1960s, many strategies to access agricultural credits have been implemented with success. This study assessed the effects of warrantage, a community-based micro credit system, on poor small resource...

Author(s): Badiori Ouattara, Sibiri Jean Baptiste Taonda, Arahama Traoré, Idriss Sermé, François Lompo, Derek Peak, Michel P. Sédogo and André Bationo

February 2018

Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of combined Newcastle disease, fowl pox and fowl typhoid vaccine under laboratory condition

An experimental study was conducted on day-old chicks to evaluate the safety and efficacy of combined Newcastle diseases (ND), fowl pox (FP) and fowl typhoid (FT) vaccine. The vaccine was prepared using the Lasota strain of Newcastle disease virus (NDV), the FP strain of fowl pox virus (FPV) and the 9R strain of FT. The vaccine was found safe, as no clinical signs or mortalities were observed. Post vaccination...

Author(s): Hana Tadesse, Senait Belete and Benti Deressa

February 2018

Telediagnosis: Parasitological experiences in wild ruminants of South African preserves

A survey on wild ruminants’ health status of any South African preserves was attempted, assessing body condition score (BCS) through tele-diagnosis. The wildlife BCS was linked to the presence of gastrointestinal parasites that should be recognized, counted and statistically evaluated. For this purpose, we examined 103 faecal samples of wild ruminants from 6 South African preserves. For practical reasons, the...

Author(s): Gianluca Pio Zaffarano, Benedetto Morandi, Alessia Menegotto, Fabio Ostanello and Giovanni Poglayen

February 2018

Plankton abundance in ecosystem of Tebing Tinggi Island, District Meranti Island, Riau, Indonesia

Research on the abundance of plankton in Tebing Tinggi Island waters ecosystem, Meranti Island District, Riau Province was conducted in March 2017. The observations focused on the phytoplankton and zooplankton communities at ten stations. The variations in the abundance of plankton on average between the location groups were 4428 to 1716224 cells/m3 and 23938 individuals/m3 (67.73%), respectively for phytoplankton and...

Author(s): Eddiwan Kamaruddin

February 2018

Foraminiferal analysis and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of borehole ET (BH-ET) in the Calabar Flank, South-eastern Nigeria

Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental interpretation was carried out on core samples (5 samples between intervals 5-55 m) recovered from borehole ET (BH-ET) located in Etankpini area of the Calabar Flank, south eastern Nigeria. Lithologic description of the borehole samples were carried out and the borehole was sampled at 5 m interval. The samples were later composited at 10 m interval and a total of six...

Author(s): Ukpong A. J., Dibi T. I., Okon E. E. and Iwara E. E.

February 2018

Recycling of oil sludge together with construction and demolition waste into building materials in Tanzania

The disposal of oil sludge together with construction and demolition waste in Tanzania is still a challenge in both space and technology. In order to reduce the space requirement for oil sludge together with construction and demolition waste disposal, the recycling of these waste becomes a vital option. This paper is mainly concerned with the determination on the possibility of recycling the oil sludge together with...

Author(s): Shadrack M. M. Sabai and Bertha X. Rugudagiza

February 2018

Production of biogas by the co-digestion of cow dung and crop residue at University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Anaerobic co-digestion is one of the most promising auxiliaries for treating waste because of the high energy redemption. Bio-digester is designed and apparatus installed for anaerobic co-digestion of cow waste with crop residue in order to manufacture biogas. Gas production is measured by using water displacement method. The experimental results show that 1 kg of cow dung can produce about 15 to 30 L of biogas per day....

Author(s): Sidra Ijaz Khan, Shehrbno Aftab, Tamour Abid Chaudhry and Muhammad Noman Younis

February 2018

Phenological, morphological and agronomic characterization of sixteen genotypes of cotton plant (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in rainfed condition in Benin

In Benin, cotton cultivation is rain fed. There is a need to develop varieties adapted to the current diversity of growing conditions caused by climate disruptions. To identify types of varieties that may be used in crossing to adapt varietal offer to climatic disturbances, sixteen genotypes of diverse origins were characterized with a randomized complete block design with four replications. Fifteen agro-morphological...

Author(s): Emmanuel SEKLOKA, Albert Kora SABI, Valérien Amégnikin ZINSOU, Abib ABOUDOU, Cyrille Kanli NDOGBE, Léonard AFOUDA and Lamine BABA-MOUSSA

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