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March 2018

Public owned enterprises in Italy: A hybrid nature for a hybrid regime of over -compliance

The purpose of this paper is to describe the state of play regarding Italian Government strategy for preventing and combating corruption in Public Owned Enterprises (POEs). That is a special case since it implies the application of a hybrid regime of over compliance. On one hand, POEs must comply with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001 as private organization, on the other hand POEs must comply with Law No 190/2012 as...

Author(s): Pietro Previtali, Andrea Zatti and Danila Scarozza  

March 2018

Two case studies to explore pros/cons and to assess applicability of Nexus maturity model

Nexus maturity model, which is created as a structured gradual guideline for the companies wishing to adopt Nexus framework, is a new model, so the main purpose of this paper is to assess the model. Moreover, to explore pros and cons of the model to enlighten the researchers and implementers in the industry is aimed. Two case studies were conducted to collect data and to test three hypotheses. The second case study was...

Author(s): Purnur Firat and Esin Can

March 2018

Energy balance of elephant grass biomass for power generation by direct biomass combustion

In Brazil, elephant grass has been used for thermal energy production, due to the high productivity, energy efficiency, biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) and biomass quality for energy generation by direct burning. The use of biomass depends mainly on the energy balance and biomass characteristics for energy production. The aim of this study was to evaluate the biomass of dry matter yield, qualitative biomass variables...

Author(s): Morais R. F., Morais C. S. B., de Morais L. F. and Almeida J. C. C.

March 2018

Development of liquid inoculants for strains of Rhizobium tropici group using response surface methodology

Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is the most important legume for human consumption in many countries of South and Central America, Asia and Africa. The crop can benefit from the biological nitrogen fixation process, especially when inoculated with elite rhizobial strains. Strains belonging to the “Rhizobium tropici group” are preferred because they show high tolerance to abiotic stresses, but their...

Author(s): Jackson Seiti Gundi,, Mariana Sanches Santos, André Luiz Martinez Oliveira, Marco Antonio Nogueira and Mariangela Hungria,

March 2018

Determination of toxicity and chromatographic analysis of spilanthol content in in vitro culture of Spilanthes oleracea Jacq.

Spilanthes oleracea Jacq. has been extensively used due to its pharmacological activities, and it has been considered as a promising vegetable crop. Nodal-segment cultures of S. oleracea were established in order to analyze the content of alkamide spilanthol. On average, 11 buds/nodal segment were developed after 30 days on MS basal salts liquid medium containing 2.22 μM benzyladenine (BA). Regenerated shoots formed...

Author(s): Viviane Gesteira, Naomi Kato Simas, Morgana, Castelo T. L. Branco, Alexandre dos S. Pyrrho and Alice Sato,

March 2018

Preliminary studies on the laxative properties of Senna alata L. and Hollandia yoghurttm

Experiments on Senna alata aqueous extract and Hollandia yoghurt were done to determine active compounds responsible for their laxative properties and to further establish sample vulnerability to microbial attack. Phytochemical screening was performed on test substrates to analyze for alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, terpenoids and steroids. Escherichia coli (Gram negative), Micrococcus species (Gram positive),...

Author(s): Oke D. G., Oluranti O. O. and Akande J. A.

March 2018

Genetic diversity study of Ethiopian Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) varieties based on phenotypic traits and inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers

Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) is one of the earliest domesticated food legumes of the world. This study was designed to reveal the genetic diversity existing among 32 Ethiopian faba bean varieties grown at three locations (Sinana, Agarfa and Selka) using 23 phenotypic traits and 11 inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) primers. The combined analysis of variance across the three locations showed highly significant (p<0.05)...

Author(s): Behailu Mulugeta Asfaw, Kifle Dagne, Gemechu Keneni Wakayo, Seid Ahmed Kemal and Kassahun Tesfaye Muleta,

March 2018

Molecular characterization and tissue expression analysis of five genes for chitinase in the red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Insect chitinases are hydrolytic enzymes that cleave chitin of the cuticle and peritrophic membrane during molting. Multiple genes encode insect chitinases, which are characterized as having diverse chemical and enzymatic properties depending on the time and the site of expression. This work was done to isolate and characterize chitinase genes from the red palm weevil (RPW), Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Oliver), a cryptic...

Author(s): Babiker M. A. Abdel-Banat, Hamadttu A. F. El-Shafie, Khalid A. Alhudaib, Wael S. El-Araby and Mohammed R. Al-Hajhoj

March 2018

Influence of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of some bioactive compounds on the biofilm formation ability and virulence factors of multiple drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates

The objective of this study was to assess the impact of subminimum inhibitory concentrations (sub-MICs) of chosen antimicrobial agents (Amikacin, imipenem, benzalkonium chloride, and chlorhexidine) and natural product (garlic) on biofilm formation ability, bacterial adherence and invasion. Susceptibility profiles of 50 non-repetitive Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates to eight antibiotics were investigated. MIC...

Author(s): Mona H. Mahmoud, Magdy A. Amin, Rania I Shebl, Aly F. Mohamed and Mai M. Zafer  

March 2018

Management of bacterial wilt disease of potato in coastal plains of Odisha

Bacterial wilt and brown rot caused by Ralstonia solanacearum is one of the most dreaded diseases causing 30 to 70% yield loss in India. The disease is both tuber and soil borne. A field trial was conducted following split plot design in the year 2008 to 09 and 2009 to 10 under All India Co-ordinated Potato Research Project in Central Farm, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India with...

Author(s): Biswal, G. and Dhal, N. K.  

March 2018

Bioactivity guided fractionation of potent antiacne plant extract against Propionibacterium acnes

Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is a commensal anaerobic, Gram positive bacterium that belongs to the normal microflora. P. acnes play an important role in the pathogenesis of various skin infections and diseases. However, the available agents are associated with number of side effects and P. acnes show the genetic base of antibacterial resistance against erythromycin and clindamycin. Therefore, alternative natural...

Author(s): Vinod Kumar Gauttam, Kavita Munjal and Nitisha Negi

March 2018

Isolation, identification and evaluation of mosquito entomopathogenic Bacillus species and related genera from randomly selected sites in Kenya

This study was carried out to identify specific mosquitocidal Bacillus species and related genera for future development of biopesticides in local mosquito control program in Kenya. Bacterial isolation was conducted from 100 soil samples through pasteurization method and preliminary identification conducted through phenotypical analysis. Toxicity analysis was performed through bioassays and lethal concentrations (LC)...

Author(s): Samuel Karungu, Doudou Huang, Evans Atoni, Cecilia Waruhiu, Bernard Agwanda, Xiaomin Hu and Zhiming Yuan

March 2018

Bioefficacy of Duranta erecta leaf extract on yellow fever and dengue vector, Aedes aegypti Linn. in Nigeria

Mosquitoes are considered as a major problem in public health. Control measures mainly by chemical insecticides, have led to several environmental and health problems in addition to development of resistance. The bioefficacy of aqueous extract of leaves of Duranta erecta against the yellow fever and dengue vector, Aedes aegypti was evaluated as a step towards developing a safe and eco-friendly agent to combat the...

Author(s): Agwu Ekenma Julia, Odo Ejikeme Gregory, Ekeh Felicia, Uwagbae Michael, Ngwu Godwin and Ehilegbu Chinelo  

March 2018

In vitro antiviral activity of Brazilian Cerrado plant extracts against animal and human herpesviruses

The Brazilian savanna known as “Cerrado” is very rich in medicinal plants that are used by the local population for treatment of several illnesses. The herpesvirus is a serious problem worldwide, and affects both animal and human health. This work aimed to study the antiviral activity of eight extracts from plants natives of “Cerrado” region against human (HSV-1), equine (EqHV-1) and swine...

Author(s): Marina A. Padilla, Isabela C. Simoni, Verônica Moreira H. Hoe, Maria Judite B. Fernandes, Clarice W. Arns, Juliana R. Brito and João Henrique G. Lago  

March 2018

Pharmaceutical topical gel containing proanthocyanidin polymers-rich fraction from Stryphnodendron adstringens

The stem bark of Stryphnodendron adstringens, popularly known in Brazil as "barbatimão", has many biological activities, including antifungal activity. Considering the increasing interest of using "barbatimão" extract in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, the aim of this study was to propose a pharmaceutical topical gel containing a proanthocyanidin polymers-rich fraction for use as...

Author(s): Marco Antonio Costa, Andressa Blainski,  Vanessa Kaplum, Marli Miriam de Souza Lima, Tânia Ueda-Nakamura, Benedito Prado Dias Filho, João Carlos Palazzo de Mello and Celso Vataru Nakamura  

March 2018

The pre-service teachers' value orientations

It is important to note that social scientists have recently concentrated on the issue of values. People's thoughts, decisions, behaviors etc. values that have an important place in the explanations constitute the subject of this research. The main purpose of the research is to analyze whether the value orientations of the pre-service teacher’ differ according to gender and branch variables. In the context...

Author(s): Mehmet Ali Akın  

March 2018

Mental health and inclusion seen from the children’s and teachers’ perspectives: A case study in Spain

Inclusive school requires the coexistence of what is perceived as normal and what is seen as pathologically different. Considering the growing pathologization of childhood, attempt is made to know the view of the students that do not have any diagnosed mental disorder on the ones that do have and the teachers’ view on the inclusion of these children. A case study was conducted in a Spanish public primary school...

Author(s): Míriam Pérez-Parreño and Paulo Padilla-Petry  

March 2018

Meaning that social studies teacher candidates give to value concept and their value rankings*

This work determines the role that value education plays in shaping people’s personal and social life. This research aims to put forward meaning that social studies teacher candidates give to value concept and its value ranking. To achieve this aim, the opinions of 12 social studies teacher candidates were obtained. During the data collection period, phenomenology pattern, that is, one of the qualitative research...

Author(s): Tural Aysegül  

March 2018

Using correction codes to enhance understanding of 4-parts harmony

The effective ways of error correction in teaching musical harmony have been neglected. Making students realize their mistakes and have them think over them are assumed to be helpful in harmony teaching. In this sense, correction code technique is thought to be beneficial for students to realize their mistakes and solve them on their own. Forty eight volunteer participants took a harmonization test and the experimental...

Author(s): Doruk Engür  

March 2018

Development of course inspection skills of secondary and high school headmasters in Bartin province*

Headmasters are responsible for many things that take place in the school. One of the main duties of a headmaster is the task of teacher inspection.   This study aims to evaluate education inspection skills of secondary and high school headmaster who work in the center of Bartın Province with the aim of also developing suggestions by identifying encountered problems during inspection. For this purpose, an...

Author(s): Gülsün Şahan  

March 2018

Self-efficacy of teacher candidates for teaching first reading and writing

The purpose of this study is to determine by different variables the self-efficacy of a teacher candidate for teaching first reading and writing in their 3rd and 4th year in the department of primary school teaching. In line with the purpose of the study, the self-efficacy levels of teacher candidates for teaching first reading and writing were analyzed on the basis of gender and academic year. The screening model was...

Author(s): Hatice Değirmenci Gündoğmuş  

March 2018

Antibacterial activity of crude extracts and pure compounds isolated from Vernonia galamensis leaves

The aim of this study was to test the antibacterial property of the extract of the leaves and isolated compounds of Vernonia galamensis that is traditionally claimed to have diverse medicinal use. The disk diffusion method was used to test the successively extracted dried leaves of V. galamensis on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi and Shigella boydii. Further fractionation of the acetone extract...

Author(s): Geremew Tafesse, Yalemtsehay Mekonnen, Eyasu Makonnen, Runner R. T. Majinda, Gomotsang Bojase-Moleta and Samuel O. Yeboah

March 2018

Characterisation of drug loaded with poly-beta-hydroxyl-butyrate (PHB) nanoparticles onto the cotton gauze for tuberculosis

Nanoparticles are of current interest because of their emerging understanding effects on human health. Many developed nanoparticles were created based upon the current application. The application of nanoparticles in drug delivery of pharmaceuticals offers many advantages on the treatment strategies and therapy outcomes. Poly-beta-hydroxyl-butyrate (PHB) nanoparticles are very versatile and its design could be tailored...

Author(s): Mekala M. and Suganya K.

March 2018

Determinants of small-scale farmers’ adaptation decision to climate variability and change in the North-West region of Cameroon

Small-scale farmers’ adaptation decision in the face of climate variability and change (CVC) depends largely on their ability to perceive the impacts of CVC as well as their degree of vulnerability to these impacts. This research looks at the factors that influence small-scale farmers’ adaptation decision faced with climate variability and change, with particular focus on Mbengwi Central Sub-Division,...

Author(s): Nyong P. Awazi and Martin N. Tchamba

March 2018

Planting density and number of stems for ecological crop determinate growth tomato

Tomato growers adopting an ecologically based system have opted for determinate growth varieties due to their ease of staking and sprouting, and due to the fact that they have a shorter cycle, which reduces phytosanitary problems that usually occur towards the end of the growing season. This study aimed to evaluate yield components and fruit quality of ‘Floradade’ determinate growth tomato in an ecologically...

Author(s): Denise de Souza Martins, Maristela Watthier, José Ernani Schwengber, Diego Rosa da Silva, Ryan Noremberg Schubert and Roberta Marins Nogueira Peil

March 2018

Incidence and severity of maize streak disease: The influence of tillage, fertilizer application and maize variety

Maize streak disease (MSD) is one of the most destructive diseases of maize (Zea mays L.) estimated to cause a yield loss of about 20% in Ghana. Field experiment was conducted at Nkwanta in the Volta Region of Ghana during the cropping seasons of 2015 to assess the effects of tillage practices, fertilizer application and maize variety on the incidence and severity of MSD. The MSD severity was assessed using 1 to 5...

Author(s): D. Blankson, E. Asare-Bediako, K. A. Frimpong, E. Ampofo, K. J. Taah and G. C. Van der Puije  

March 2018

Screening for salinity tolerance of Oryza glaberrima Steud. seedlings

Rice (Oryza sativa) is a salt-sensitive species and improvement of salt resistance is a major goal for plant breeders. Some species of Oryza genus may constitute an interesting source of genes involved in stress resistance for cultivated rice improvement. The African rice Oryza glaberrima is poorly described for its response to salt stress. Twenty-five accessions of O. glaberrima were exposed during 2 weeks to 0 or 60...

Author(s): Hermann Prodjinoto, Christophe Gandonou and Stanley Lutts

March 2018

The effects of intercropping and plant densities on growth and yield of maize (Zea mays L.) and soybean (Glycine max) in the humid forest zone of Mount Cameroon

A field experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of intercropping and planting densities on the growth and yield of maize (Zea mays) and soybeans (Glycine max).  A 1 ha plot located at the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD), Ekona, South West Region of Cameroon was used. There were two blocks: block 1 which was fertilized with 60 kg/ha NPK (20:10:10) and top dressed with urea at 50 kg...

Author(s): Eneke E. Bechem, Agbor N. Ojong and Kingsley A. Etchu

March 2018

Addressing soil organic carbon issues in smallholders’ farms in Ethiopia: Impact of local land management practices

Soil organic carbon plays a key role in plant biomass production. On smallholder farms, crop and livestock are traditionally integrated and support each other. However, due to changes in socio-economic factors, this relationship is lost as resources are mismanaged. The present study was conducted in the Central Ethiopian highlands that represent about 90% of the country’s smallholder farmers. The objective of this...

Author(s): N. A. Minase, M. M. Masafu and A. Tegegne  

March 2018

Technical review of molecular markers and next-generation sequencing technology to manage plant pathogenic oomycetes

To feed the world human population which is expected to reach 10 billion in the next three decades, agricultural sustainability is required for stable food production. However, crops always suffer from many biotic and abiotic stresses. Among them, plant pathogens often cause severe yield losses. Plant pathogenic oomycetes are one of the most destructive plant diseases, which include Phytophthora infestans in potato and...

Author(s): Ramadan Ahmed Arafa, and Kenta Shirasawa

March 2018

Genetic structure of indigenous sheep breeds in Nigeria based on electrophoretic polymorphous systems of transferrin and haemoglobin

The study used 100 indigenous sheep comprising 25 Balami, 25 Uda, 25 Yankassa and 25 West African Dwarf breeds reared extensively. The blood samples were taken from Vena Jugularis, processed according to standard procedure and transferrin and haemoglobin examined using cellulose acetate electrophoresis. The observed allele frequencies and genotypes (%) were tested with Hardy-Weinberg’s Equilibrium (χ2). Seven...

Author(s): Osaiyuwu Henry Osamede and Salako Emmanuel Adebowale  

March 2018

Assessment of genetic diversity of Burkina Faso sweet grain sorghum using microsatellite markers

Sweet grain sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is an under-harvested crop produced mainly for its sweet grains in the pasty stage. Little is known of its genetic diversity remains. This study aims to determine the level and structure of the genetic diversity of sweet grain sorghum from Burkina Faso. Thus, 93 accessions were evaluated using 15 polymorphic microsatellite markers. The analysis revealed 49 alleles in...

Author(s): Nerbéwendé SAWADOGO, Teyoure Benoit Joseph BATIENO, Zakaria KIEBRE, Mahamadi Hamed OUEDRAOGO, Wend-Pagnangdé Marie Serge Félicien ZIDA, Kiswendsida Romaric NANEMA, Baloua NEBIE, Pauline BATIONO-KANDO, Renan Ernest TRAORE, Mahamadou SAWADOGO and Jean-Didier ZONGO

March 2018

Biodegradation of fenthion and temphos in liquid media by Bacillus safensis isolated from pesticides polluted soil in the Sudan

The objective of this study was to evaluate the capability of the bacteria Bacillus safensis strain FO-36bT isolated from pesticide-polluted soil in degrading fenthion and temphos in mineral salt media (MSM). Fenthion and temphos were incubated with the isolated bacteria. Samples were drawn at 0, 3, 7, 14, and 30 days to analyze residual fenthion and temphos content with gas chromatography (GC) and high-performance...

Author(s): Azhari Omer Abdelbagi[], Adam Ishag Abdallah Wady[], Abd Elaziz Sulieman Ahmed Ishag[], Ahmed Mohammed Ali Hammad[], Mohamed Abdalla Omer Abdalla and Jang-Hyun Hur

March 2018

Antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of endophytic fungi from Oryctanthus alveolatus (Kunth) Kuijt (Mistletoe)

The use of antibiotics has unleashed high bacterial resistance. This outcome triggered the urgent need for effective new antibacterial agents to treat infectious diseases. A promising source for the production of antibiotics and several other bioactive substances are endophytic fungi. These microorganisms inhabit in and bring benefits to living plant tissues. Thus, the aim of this paper was to know the endophytic fungi...

Author(s): Sanay Feitosa Lima Ribeiro, Armando da Costa Garcia, Hathyla Eduarda Dias dos Santos, Quimi Vidaurre Montoya, Andre Rodrigues, João Marcos de Oliveira and  Camila Martins de Oliveira  

March 2018

Physiochemical factors affecting in vitro growth of Pasteurella multocida

Pasteurella multocida causes fowl cholera (FC), a contagious bacterial disease of domestic and wild avian species. It is a Gram negative coccobacilli causing acute highly fatal septicemia with high morbidity and mortality rate. Control of fowl cholera is primarily performed by good management practice and vaccination in areas where disease is endemic. For a quality vaccine, high density growth of P. multocida along with...

Author(s): Mehmood M. D., Zia S., Javed F., Gul M., Ashraf M. and Anwar H.  

March 2018

On the effect of convective heat and mass transfer on unsteady mixed convection MHD flow through vertical porous medium

In this paper, unsteady two-dimensional convective heat and mass transfer flow of a viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting optically thin fluid which is bounded by a vertical infinite plane surface was considered.  A uniform applied homogeneous magnetic field is considered in the transverse direction with first order chemical reaction. An analytical solution for two-dimensional oscillatory flow on...

Author(s): M. M. Allan, and S. M. Dardery,

March 2018

Simulation of the impact of climate change on peanut yield in Senegal

This paper treats the impacts of climate change on peanut yield in Ziguinchor (Southwest of Senegal) during the near future (2021 to 2050) and the far future (2071 to 2100). The Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) crop model was run using daily weather data (maximum and minimum surface temperature, rainfall and solar radiation) of four (4) regional climate models (RCMs) of the Coordinated...

Author(s): Alioune Badara Sarr and Moctar Camara

March 2018

In vitro antimicrobial activities of Plocamium rigidum and Plocamium cornutum from the Namibian coast line

The aim of this study was to determine suitable extraction solvents for antimicrobial compounds and the antimicrobial activity of two algal species, Plocamium cornutum and Plocamium rigidum collected from the coastline of Namibia. Samples were collected at low tide from the intertidal area of the coastline at Lüderitz and Henties Bay. The samples were collected about 5 to 10 cm under water by hand and placed in a...

Author(s): Anthony Ishola, Michael Knott and Jane Misihairabgwi

March 2018

A Study on Spurious and Not of Standard Quality Drugs in the State of Andhra Pradesh

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is the third largest in the world in terms of volume and this industry has a business of about USD 30 billion annually. Availability of quality medical products, especially drugs is important from the perspective of health of the consumers. The manufacture and sale of drugs in India is a licensed activity under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. The use...

Author(s): Praveen Kumar G. and Ravi Shankar A.

March 2018

Leaf content of macronutrients in Tabebuia aurea seedlings grown on different substrates and luminosities

Taking into consideration that species react differently to the substrate and luminance variations, this study aimed to evaluate the leaf content of some macronutrients and dry matter in Tabebuia aurea seedlings through the hypothesis that the growth environment can alter the concentration of chemical elements in the species. The study was conducted in a greenhouse, in randomized blocks, factorial 2 × 3 (two light...

Author(s): Ademir Kleber Morbeck De Oliveira, Sônia Cristina Juliano De Gualtieri, José Antônio Maior Bono, Valtecir Fernandes, Paula Thais Alves Ojeda and Rosemary Matias  

March 2018

Population fluctuation and infestation of Drosophila suzukii in berry crops in Southern Brazil

Drosophila suzukii is an insect pest with high capacity to cause damage to soft-skinned fruit whose behavior on host crops in Brazil is still unknown. This study aims to determine the population fluctuation of D. suzukii on different berry ¬¬¬¬¬¬crops from 2014 to 2017 and infestation. In each orchard, two traps containing attractant (biological yeast + sugar + water) were installed each week;...

Author(s): Daniela Fernanda Klesener, Régis Sivori Silva dos Santos, Luciano Gebler and Lucas de Ross Marchioretto  

March 2018

Maize ideotype breeding for changing environmental conditions

The demand for corn in the developing world will double by the end of 2050. The challenges due to the climate change are real. Where extreme weather events will become more frequent and climate change projections suggest that large yield losses occur in many regions of the world. Corn is cultivated throughout the world and is a strategic crop: can tolerate high radiation intensities and exhibits high efficiency in the...

Author(s): Khunsa Khakwani, Muhammad Rafique, Ahsan Raza Malhi, Muhammad Altaf, Saira Saleem and Muhammad Arshad  

March 2018

Precocious screening tests of the resistance of two varieties of cocoa seedlings (Theobroma cacao L.) from combinations of fertilizers against Phytophthora megakarya (Brasier and Griffin) in nursery

Experiments were conducted to appreciate the resistance level of cocoa seedlings aged three months from combinations of fertilizers against Phytophthora megakarya based on artificial leaf disk inoculation test. The two cocoa varieties involved were: Tafo 79/501 (V1) and SNK 13 (V2). For each variety, 11 treatments with three replicates were used on 33 randomly-selected plants. These include Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi...

Author(s): Pélagie Djenatou, Yves Hernandez Tchétchoua, Philippe Kosma and Eddy Léonard Ngonkeu Magaptcheu,  

March 2018

Genetic divergence in Agave accessions through ISSR markers and phenotypic traits

The Agave genus is composed of about 200 species, but the cultivation of sisal for fiber production in Brazil is restricted to two species: Agave sisalana and Agave fourcroydes, both have several accessions with wide variability. The collection of Agave of Embrapa has 37 accessions maintained in situ and periodically evaluated agronomical traits. Most of these accessions have phenotypic similarities, although they...

Author(s): Silmara Chaves de Souza, José Jaime Vasconcelos Cavalcanti, Jean Pierre Cordeiro Ramos, Isaías Alves, Roseane Cavalcanti dos Santos and Liziane Maria de Lima  

March 2018

Image enhancement based on neuro-fuzzy gradient profile clustering

This paper proposes a technique for image enhancement using Neuro-fuzzy based gradient profile generation to reconstruct the high resolution image from a single low resolution one. The natural gradient priors are collected and their statistics are analyzed and learned through Neuro-fuzzy model. The model adopts powerful data adaptation from neural network and combines with fuzzy system to enhance the ability in...

Author(s): Jaturon Ngernplubpla and Orachat Chitsobhuk

March 2018

Social impact and evaluation: A rational management theory approach

Organization and person have a theoretical and ontological link; being the first teleological extension of the latter, it is impossible to think of one without the other. In a similar way, the complex of economy itself cannot overlook the needs of the person and seek for the reach of maximization results with unhesitating self-interest. In this paper, it is argued that every organization is born to satisfy...

Author(s): Alessandro Migliavacca, Christian Rainero, Luigi Puddu and Giuseppe Modarelli  

March 2018

The development of management skills for effective church management in pastoral preparation programs in Zimbabwe

The paper focuses on the development of management skills for effective church management in pastoral preparation programs in Zimbabwe, and underscores the need for the use of secular principles and practices in church management. It identifies the management challenges faced by the pastors, explores the extent to which management skills are being developed in pastoral preparation programs, and looks into alternative...

Author(s): Florence Chatira and Judith Mwenje  

March 2018

Physico-chemical and bacteriological characterization of sachet water sold in Yaounde City, Cameroon

The objective of this study is to take an inventory of all the sachet water brands sold in Yaounde and to assess their sanitary quality. This study was carried out on 100 samples, representing 20 sachet water brands sold in the urban city of Yaounde, Cameroon. Selected physico-chemical and bacteriological analyses of the sachet water were done. The results showed that their pH values and nitrate level  were in line...

Author(s): Hermann GAPWU, Patience BONGSE KARI ANDOSEH, Irène GUEMCHE SILLAG, Joséphine Mireille AKOA ETOA, Christian Gaéle NEMBOT FOMBA and Pauline MOUNJOUENPOU

March 2018

Toxicity of powdered and ethanolic extracts of Uvaria chamae (Annonaceae) Bark on selected stored product insect pests

A study was carried out on the insecticidal effects of the powdered stem bark extract of Uvaria chamae and its ethanolic extract on three most devastating stored products pests (Coleopterous) in Nigeria, namely: Callosobruchus maculatus F. (Bruchidae), Rhizopertha dominica F. (Bostrichidae) and Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Curculionidae). Graded concentrations of each formulation of the powdered bark and ethanolic...

Author(s): Negbenebor, H. E., Makanjuola, W. A., Denloye, A. A. and Nura, S.

March 2018

Chemical composition of Citrus limon (Eureka variety) essential oil and evaluation of its antioxidant and antibacterial activities

The study evaluates the chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects properties of essential oil of Citrus limon (Eureka) extracted by hydrodistillation. The composition of this oil was analysed by GC/MS for 30 constituents, which accounted for 97.8% of total oil. The main components were limonene (61.3%) followed by β-pinene (9.7%), α-citral (4.2%) and α-terpinene (3.8%). Antioxidant...

Author(s): Himed Louiza, Merniz Salah and Barkat Malika

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