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Determinants of Modern Contraceptive Use among Fertile Women in Debark Districts North West Ethiopia

Objective This study examined and identify the determinants of modern contraceptive use among fertile, women in Debark District. Material and Methods In order to meet our objective descriptive, multiple logistic regression and multilevel logistic regression statistical techniques were used for data analysis. Results The results of multiple logistic regressions showed that health center, place of residence, marital...

Author(s):Mebetu Gebre, Asrat Atsedeweyn, Kidanemariam Alem

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Molecular Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Clinical and Non –Clinical sources, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

The study isolated and characterized clinical and non-clinical S. aureus strains in Ile-Ife, Nigeria using phenotypic and molecular methods. Eight hundred and fifty samples of different cultures were taken from clinical and non- clinical sources. The clinical sources were the routine specimens of wound swabs, urine, stool, blood and sputum from the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology laboratory of the Obafemi...


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Comparative Efficiency of Health Care Provision in Kenya and Tanzania

Efficient health care provision is one of the key pillars of the millennium development goal in Kenya and Tanzania. This paper compares the efficiency of health care provision in Kenya and Tanzania between 1970-2012 using annual expenditure data and selected health care outcomes. Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is used to establish the level of efficiency in the two countries. The paper reports that health care is provided...

Author(s):Comparative efficiency, Health, DEA, Kenya, Tanzania.

Article in Press

Cancer Survival in Brazil: Estimate through the Mortality to Incidence Ratio

Information about cancer incidence, mortality and survival is one of the pillars for disease monitoring. In Brazil, only a few studies show population-based survival. The mortality to incidence ratio (M:I) is an indirect measure of cancer survival and can be used to estimate a population cancer survival. Methods: To calculate the mortality to incidence ratios (M:I) an official information for incidence and mortality rates...


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Epidemiology of Neonatal Sepsis and the risk factors involved: Observational study at neonatal Intensive care unit; Arsi University Asella Teaching and Referral Hospital; South East Ethiopia

Globally, sepsis is still one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in neonates, in spite of recent advances in health care system. The major burden of neonatal sepsis occurs in developing world, but most evidence is derived from developed countries. Hospital based prospective cross sectional study was conducted from April 2016 to May 2017. Neonates with clinical sepsis using inclusion criteria were included in...

Author(s):Abebe Sorsa, Dejene Lemma and Silesh Abdissa

Article in Press


The scope of the occupational health (OH) program in Ghana has steadily evolved and improved especially among private companies. The study assessed the impact of occupational health programme in Gold Fields Ghana (GFG) Limited which deployed a descriptive cross-sectional study. One hundred mine workers were selected as respondents to answer various questions on occupational health through simple random technique as well as...

Author(s):Occupation, Health, Risk factors, Ghana

Article in Press


The diminishing provision of services by the state, compelled with the escalating numbers of orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana, represent a crucial concern for both national and international organizations. In spite of this, little cross-sectional and longitudinal studies have been conducted to empirically identify the challenges faced by orphanages and homes. Using a qualitative case study approach, we investigated...


Article in Press

Assessment of Respiratory Symptoms and Associated Factors among Solid Waste Collectors in Yeka Sub City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Respiratory symptoms are frequently manifested among solid waste collectors. They are suffering from respiratory diseases because of frequent exposure to waste materials containing pathogenic materials and chemicals hazards for human being. Cross-sectional study was carried out to assess prevalence of respiratory symptoms and associated factors among solid waste workers in in Yeka sub city, Addis Ababa from March to April,...

Author(s):Diseases prevention and control, Addis Ababa city administration health bureau

Article in Press

Access, Coverage and Utilization of Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation Component of the Rural Health Service Extension Program in Kersa Woreda, Jimma Zone, South Western Ethiopia.

The Health Service Extension Program was introduced in Ethiopia in 2002. The overall policy implementation of the program was focused on simply increasing the number of latrines constructed. However, the implementation status of the program and change in Hygiene and Sanitation behavior of households was not explored much.

Author(s):Health Monitoring & Evaluation officer at Borana zonal health department, Oromia region.

Article in Press

Appraisal of the Utilization of Contraceptive Devices among Women Aged 18 – 45yrs in Some Selected Hospitals in Abuja Municipal Area Council of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja

Contraceptives are devices employed to prevent pregnancy. Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy. The use of birth control and proper Planning is called family planning. The objectives of study were to determine the types of contraceptive device employed by women aged 18-45 years, educational levels, occupations, and the influence of religion towards...

Author(s):School of Genaral Health Sciences

Article in Press

Statistical modelling to describe longitudinal metabolic risk factors in older age: An analysis of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Objective To extrapolate an integrated natural history model that predicts longitudinal changes in metabolic risk factors into older age using the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA). Method Growth curve modelling was employed to estimate trajectories for multiple metabolic risk factors from the ELSA dataset, allowing for random variation between individuals. The ELSA models relate age trends in BMI, systolic...


Article in Press


General bone problems and Backaches is as old as man on earth and it use to be associated with old age. But bone related problems nowadays are more of accident causation globally. The competition occurring between the traditional and Orthopedics hospital on patients with bone related problems call for harmonization in the furtherance of the “health for all” goal of MDG, hence the emergence of the name ‘Tradomedical’. This...

Author(s):Department of Transport Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria.

Article in Press


Health policy development in an appropriate cultural context under social justice with full community awareness and participation is the key to achieving a successful population health outcome. This descriptive study reviewed Nigeria’s health policy, social determinants of the population health, the role of inequality and inequity in her life expectancy and the need for developing an acceptable culturally- appropriate...


Article in Press

Factors associated with birth preparedness and complication readiness among antenatal clinic attendants in selected public Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Institution based cross sectional study

Birth preparedness and complication readiness is a comprehensive strategy aimed in promoting timely access to skilled maternal and neonatal services. It also facilitates active preparation and decision making for delivery by pregnant women. The aim of this study was to assess birth preparedness and complication readiness plans of antenatal clinic attendees in selected public Hospitals of Addis Ababa. Institution based...

Author(s):Hawi Chala, Sahilu Asseged, Demelash Woldeyohannes and Yohannes Tekalegn

Article in Press

Status of Cardiovascular Parameters among Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients in Pre and Post Six Minute Walk Distance Test

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a preventable and treatable chronic lung ailment characterized by pulmonary or/and systemic effects that usually not fully reversible upon treatments. COPD induced cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) as systemic effects are reflected in impairments of cardiovascular parameters (CVP) that are diagnosed by different invasive and non invasive methods. The non-invasive methods were...

Author(s):Samuel Tadesse Abebe, Elsah Tegene and Wondu Reta

Article in Press


There is a scarcity of research-based data on the factors associated with skin irritation due to algal blooms in seaweed farming. Changing in temperature with an increase to nutrients levels led to the growth of harmful algal blooms, which produce many active metabolites, some of which induce toxic responses in human including skin irritation. The objective of the study was to identify health problems experienced by...

Author(s):Aziza H. Said, , , Flower E. Msuya, Margareth S. Kyewalyanga Aviti J. Mmochi, Evalyn W. Mwihia, Eystein Skjerve, Helena A. Ngowi, and Jan L. Lyche

Article in Press

Satisfaction of maternal care among women delivered at Asrade Zewude Memorial Primary Hospital, Bure, West Gojjam, Amhara, Ethiopia: A cross sectional study

Maternal satisfaction is a means of evaluating quality of maternal health care given in health facilities. The objective was to assess the level of maternal satisfaction and associated factors at Asrade Zewude Memorial Primary Hospital. Cross-sectional study was conducted on 420 clients by systematic sampling method from February 8, 2017 to September 25, 2017. Structured questionnaire that was prepared by Ethiopian...

Author(s):Gizew Dessie Asres

Article in Press

Factors associated with sputum conversion in a multinational population of tuberculosis patients

Various factors had been related with sputum conversion in tuberculosis patients, which constituted an essential indicator of the effectiveness of treatment and the infectivity of patients. The study evaluates the factors related with smear sputum conversion in pulmonary tuberculosis. A retrospective cohort study of newly diagnosed of pulmonary tuberculosis was performed from January 2013 to September 2016 in Cuban...

Author(s):Humberto Guanche Garcell

Article in Press

Prevalence and pattern of primary insomnia among adults in Jimma Town, Southwest Ethiopia: A community based cross-sectional study

Primary insomnia is subtype of primary sleep disorder that affects a large percentage of general population. The true prevalence of the problem is not well known in developing countries including Ethiopia. Therefore, the present study aimed to determine the prevalence and pattern of primary Insomnia among adults in Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study was conducted on randomly selected sample of 422 adults using validated and...

Author(s):Hiwot Berhanu, Andualem Mossie, Samuel Tadesse and Daniel Geleta

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